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Engineer Boots, Leather Jackets & Tight Blue Jeans

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As you pump the brakes to the cadence of the song, you look at me. Whoever says brown eyes are mundane, has never seen your eyes that day. Everything changes, almost instantly, with those eyes and that faint glimmer I feel only I could see.

The Shop Girl

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Just a little shop girl in for the summer. Working on a typewriter. Barely knowing where the keys were. That was her. She was terrible at it. He was in a suit. He looked short, and thin, but something about him was captivating. He was in his own way hands

Lines with Billie Holiday

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It is almost as if there isn’t a wedge of wood between us – I can feel him inches away from me. I can’t control the sigh or the tears that escape my body.


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...reason never lies


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Susan reached forward, slim fingers stretching as if to stroke my face. I froze while she slid the forgotten pencil from behind my ear, the curve of her wrist carved by Canova's chisel and smelling of frankincense and rose.


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Filling his nostrils, cold and moist against his cheek. The primitive taste of it, like licking a grave. Prayers tossed from his mind to the heavens as stray small coins are tossed into a fountain. His left arm throbbing beneath his weight. All around him

West of Romance

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I want a perfect American life in shambles.

And Then The Hunger Had More Power Than Even The Sorrow

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Delilah couldn't articulate why she was sometimes uncomfortable watching her husband interact with his mother. (573 words)

Another Time

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My boyfriend had to work but had gotten a turkey for free and thought I could make it for everyone for Christmas Eve dinner. I had never made a turkey before, and not much of anything else. Now if my sister had been there, it might have been a meal of cul

Sugared. Spiced. Salted.

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They continued sitting by the fake oasis, drinking single malt, eating soy crackers and chatting about the quality of escorts in glitzy glamping resorts. The Paring happened on number three. Just as the gold leafed chocolate fondant oozed decadent Bolivia

Forgetting Superman

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I forget you. Upfront: that’s how this ends.


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You were sitting on dark leather meringue, wearing slit ivy, epilated thighs sliding through, roots showing beneath your anaemic skin, fighting with the pale bluegreen of your veins. Quills extended from your left hand, bent about 10.2 degrees or so.

a song for the sun

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what lion lies/ o king of flame/ upon your golden crown?

I Go Gentle On You

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Prozac, Lithium, shock treatment, a time machine, or to ask Oz that you grow a new heart, whatever it takes.

Figs from the jar

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.."She realized she was thinking about Beth. She was in love, such a forbidden, lovely state of mind!! Oh she smiled at the thought of that ’sexy bitch’ as she called herself. Why would Beth turn her on in this way? Perhaps her jovial nature, her good loo