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Dear Applicant

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Did you know that one of our applicants sent us his severed thumb? I have some bloody pictures, I’ll post on the blog. See this kind of dedication is what you’re against. He didn’t get in either.

To the Editor

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The frailty of my ego would not bear a protracted period awaiting the definitive fate of my work.

Three Little Ways

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There are three ways I can love you, not even half of one more.

A Scattering of Rivals

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I planned to go to the ends of the earth to avoid rejection.

Rejection at the Gates of Heaven

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"Some Purgatory in order, innit?"

(2) Liars

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"Being honest with me," said her teacher, "will hopefully allow you to be honest with yourself--writing is about being honest, and articulating that honesty." It sounded like a riddle, and her teacher looked at her with the sanctimony of a wizard.

The Invention of Useless Things

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Nothing is accomplished without the confidence of practice, the little joy of a pleasing thing that nourishes even before it is eaten.

Useless Things

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Nothing is accomplished without the confidence of practice, the little joy of a pleasing thing that nourishes even before it is eaten.

Maggie's Mayhem

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Tonight was no remarkable night. The sun rose and set without question, children’s hearts broke with truth, around the world millions of people lost someone they cared about, millions people fell in love. It was an average day—it was unremarkable. It w

On Repainting My Bedroom Walls

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I love my new apartment: bay windows, crown moldings, smooth porcelain doorknobs. The only thing I don’t like is the color of my bedroom walls, a garish mustard yellow.

Forgiveness In Strokes

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He sat on the seat furthest away and could not look me in the eye. Nor could he even glance in my general direction. He put one leg over the other and tried to speak. He shifted his weight. He crossed his arms across his board chest. He…

Desperate Texts

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Me: Remember that one time when we went to Mexico and ate lobsters and drank tequila at that restaurant? We were right in front of the water. Remember? Him: Yes. :) Me: It can be like that again. We could go down there. Him: Not a great idea.

The Devil Line is a Violin (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.1)

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Rosea plays a bohemian plainsong for the cosmonauts among us, while her fuzzy apple hips spit glitter, spin strobes: pink shades of pantyline flicker; lip-licked neon hues scrape strings in B sharp, a gloomy clue.

Lick the Empire (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.3)

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Can you see the rut? Can you dig your fingers into the flesh?

Ruptured, Weeps the Hole: The End (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 10)

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She dips a toothpick in ink, running prick over paper, simply to prove herself wrong.