Three Little Ways

by Kyle G

I've thought about it intently
With resolve,
I've finally concluded a fact about us,
There are three ways I can love you,
Not even half of one more:
1. I can love you from afar; blindly, blissfully, blatantly
without thought or question or justification
And I know that I'll never know who you are,
And I don't care. Because I love you.
2. I can love you within millimeters
within seconds
within a pinch from you.
You'll think it. (Rejection)
And I'll know it. (Pain)
I'll follow you around wherever you go,
Waiting for a moment that can't possibly show.
And I won't care.             Because I still love you.
3. I can love you in between.
Just a glance here.
Just a step there.
And we'll have so many “just a”s,
That you'll figure me out,
Signal a no with undertones of yes.
You'll Escape Slowly
And you won't know it, but you'll have my permission to leave —

                And you won't care that


I love you.