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Thirteen Attempts At Saving My Soul

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I dream of other lives I might have lived.

Losing Marlene (Part 1)

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I suppose to someone unfamiliar with the writing process like Marlene, it looked as if a bomb had gone off in one of those new-age literary bars where people gather to read poetry and drink beer in an effort to introduce a little excitement into their liv

Unintentional Hermits- Double Exposure

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She wanted her out, she just wanted to throw her out into the dark cold night.Why was she standing so close?The daughter could sense the mother's close proximity, she could feel the bottom edge of the newspaper scratching her skin through the silk blouse her mother had…

Due to the volume of submissions

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Somebody pushed the automatic fuck-you button today, not the due-to-the-volume-of-submissions-we-receive button, nor the it-does-not-fit-our-editorial-needs button;

The Empty Pedestal

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but it was a big pedestal