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This Land is My Land

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Niggers and spics, kikes and Micks (don't forget the krauts and deggos, too) live on land that belongs to you. If your skin is red, you're better off dead than deal with this sordid affair. No one told you caveat venditor, “Let the seller beware.”…

The Lesson

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An animal tang infuses her nostrils. Her mouth fills with spit. She swallows to keep her breakfast down.

Big Dipper

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“You’re not in Saigon anymore, Mai Bi'ch,” I said, craning to read her name badge. “They’ll need to be much better than that if you want to stay in this country.”


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It was raining when I found his glasses on the moor, a typical misting drizzle that chilled the skin and gathered on the wiry grass, but leaves a person reluctant to wear a hat or pull their hood up, because by the time the weather's apparent, hair and hood are already…


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A young officer approached the lawn where Shane was picketing with friends. All from middle-class neighborhoods, none considered "troubled," they were beginning to learn that obeying the law wasn't always enough . . .

The Catch

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His granddaughter, Ivy, sat on his knee looking at an old photo album she found under the couch during one of her afternoon explorations. She made him wipe off the dust and cobwebs before he took her through all the pictures, per normal protocol. The albu

Sitting Alone in the Dark

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They told me not to trust you./ Your kind is never faithful:/ Liar! Cheat! Untrustworthy!

Try Not to Die in Bayonne

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Dad says grandma is a cunt and it's probably true

stop bullying racists

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Everyone wants to feel like the world has lined up against them and any achievement they have been able to attain was done despite the best efforts of everyone who isn't them. That's a given. But there is one group of people who seem to have a point.


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“Hi. I’m Rita Bates,” I had said. “Can I sit here? The boy who introduced himself as Thomas told me I could, so I did, and his friends all introduced themselves in turn. Around the table there was Bev, Ernest, someone whose name started with an F – maybe

Profiling Robert Allen Zimmerman

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Since when has it become a crime to walk about a neighbourhood? No one will ever convince me that it 's okay to follow, harass, or approach any unarmed person with a gun and shoot them.

Forty Years On.

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Salted words, cursing and spitting, through the hipster joints and green leaf cafés.

my first racist joke

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"There's a guy and he's standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon."

Narrative of the Bones (38)

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Oh, shit, Blow thought, here it comes. Dammit.

Narrative of the Bones (39)

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“Joey, what the fuck? What's going on down there? You been smoking something?”