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Nature of the Bones (55)

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So over the dry moat and past the spikes and up the side of this bowl they charge. The little punk Hamilton's the first one up, and the fight is on.

Nature of the Bones (56)

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“You're tense as a banjo on speed, little bro. You think they're gonna try something tonight?”

Nature of the Bones (57)

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He knelt when he reached the pile on the ground and saw it was a deputy he didn't recognize.

Nature of the Bones (58)

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Blow lifted his night glasses and saw that at least one of the bulldozers was grinding toward them like an Abrams tank.

Nature of the Bones (59)

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Penultimate chapter!

Nature of the Bones (60)

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Concerning A Case of Cigarillo Mania

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A quick review of the evidence establishes beyond reasonable doubt that Michael Brown was a Cigarillo addict, whose enslavement to the slim, white tipped cigars drove him to rob the convenience store that morning. And, by the time he was confronted by Wil

Ugly Histories

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Before the reign of light skinned beauty, before the war of pale and darkEast of the Nigerian Delta & resting low amongst the viscous swampland A baby born in ochre dust, plum-pudding black, eyes full of coal fireUnbound by western influence and their disorders of…