stop bullying racists

by Lance Manion

I was mulling this over the other day and I couldn't quite find a hole in the logic behind it. There's no doubt we have become a society of victims. Everyone wants to feel like the world has lined up against them and any achievement they have been able to attain was done despite the best efforts of everyone who isn't them. That's a given.

But there is one group of people who seem to have a point.


Nobody likes a racist.

Have you ever heard someone speak a kind word about a racist?


Take a second and try to think of a redeeming feature of your typical household racist.

None come to mind right?

And that's just wrong.

Our bias towards racists is completely hypocritical if you think about it. We're going to judge people and treat them poorly simply because they hold opinions that differ from our own? For shame.

What's worse is that racism shares many of the characteristics of what we now consider 'diseases'. You can hold up most addictions, impulse control issues or religious fervor to the same inspection and find many of the same roots. But do we treat the people that 'suffer' these problems the way we do racists?


What's worse is that you've never seen a happy racist. They might be happy outside their hobby of hating other people but when caught in the throes of hating you've never heard the words "gook",  "nigger" or "spic" yelled by a smiling carefree person. Typically their faces are all screwed up in a twisted snarl and their fists are clenched and they're frothing something awful. Perhaps the KKK isn't the gutless collection of losers we make them out to be. Perhaps they wear hoods just because they are sick of having bad pictures taken of themselves while they are mid-froth.

Who amongst us doesn't make some funny faces when cheering at a sporting event?

The point being that racism doesn't appear to be too much fun. Certainly not in the category as a football game. Most racists are miserable when they are engaged in being racists so why do they insist on continuing the behavior?

Did I mention characteristics shared between them and addicts, psychotics and bible thumpers?

But nooooo. Our holier-than-thou culture doesn't cut any slack to the racist. They are always wearing the black hat in our little dramas.

Is it because they are powerful?

Are they major players on Capitol Hill?

Do they have the media in their back pocket and a way to reach a broad impressionable audience with influential advertisements for the racist outlook and way of life?


It makes you wonder how racism hasn't died out yet. In the ongoing dance of social Darwinism you'd think that racism would have run out of gas if it had no way of propagating itself. It appears everyone is against it. Every TV show, radio program and printed word can't say enough bad things about it.

So why are there still racists?

Are they born with it (think homosexuality) or is it learned behavior (like hacky sack)?

The bigger issue is why is everyone so quick to look the other way when something happens that doesn't fit into their anti-racism narrative. Like when racism does something good like saves a puppy or rescues a child from a burning building. Now, of course, the blonde newswoman will be quick to point out that the fire originally started because of a cross-burning that got out of hand but that still doesn't mean that everyone shouldn't be eager to find out who it was in the white robe that ran in to save the kid and give him a pat on the back.

What was I saying?

Hmmm. Lost my train of thought when I started to think about how much more dangerous it would be to dash into a burning building wearing flowing robes. I doubt you'd see the Pope attempt such a trick.

In summation, I guess, I'd just like to see people quit picking on racists so much. They're such an easy target, like the kid riding the short bus in junior high, that it's time we allowed them into the tent so they could see that everyone pretty much blows ... not just the (insert derogatory racial slur here).

Note: you inserted a name didn't you? Didn't you?!

Filthy racist.