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Open Orchidae

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But Jana insisted to see this miracle, this antidote for the mundanity of existence.


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She threw the wine glass on the floor.

Mr. Wazzeldot

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Mr. Wazzeldot has seven legs. He lives very comfortably. He likes to sit by the fire. There's a large cushion for a chair, and in the evenings, he sips his Bloody Marys. I know because I visit him…

Parts 2 Through 5 of a piece called Wilderness of Humanity, or, We Can Always Clean This Thing Up Again

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2. humility You know what silly does? Silly guarantees that you will enjoy the moment as the moment for the moment. Clowns make fun of silly. Isn't that ironic? They are in essence the opposite of their own image. That's why so many people see them as evil--because you…

Boringer's Theory

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If Simpkin believed in reincarnation, which he did not, as he was a philosopher, not a religious fanatic, he might have thought he was Boringer reincarnated.

Celes' Most Important Question

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This was a word Celes had not ever heard before. "Ethics?" "Ethics is… Well, let me see how to put this." He put down his fork for a moment and thought before continuing. "Ethics is the study of the form of what is right and what is wrong."

#26 Relation>Relation (A Poem)

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Something like: Answers to questions you might not yet have? [Answers we will try hard not to provide]

#25 Missing Volume (Poem)

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Hollow right like stars alight we sing to open space of astral things, There once, the goat played, ate, was lively, had ownership

#2 Feeding Fire (Poetry)

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It is like truth on the battle field. Muted

The Madness of the Gods

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“Have you heard about Lucius?” The lawyer turned to the carpenter. “They say he's gone mad. Just gone; the madness of the gods.” Sitting in the barbershop were the former two, one in his forties and the other of his fifties; a gray-haired…

A Brief Sentence From the Woman Who Played with Herself (and God)

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You had me from the moment you dared to enlighten me, with that sweet smile hanging over the edge of your bright pink Cosmopolitan, your face teetering at the wrong angle, but not the words, which were never slanted, nor…

"Is Your Stomach Making You Sad?" and Other Conundrums of 21st Century Life

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The questions we ask ourselves define who we are as a culture. “What is the meaning of life?” “Is there a God?” “Does anybody really know what time it is?” “Where the hell did I put my car keys?” To see what…

The Maze

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The man with the truncheon emerged at the monorail car's forward connecting doorway. One moment the space was vacant, a faux-metal canvas for the dazzling sunlight streaming through a grime-encrusted window. When next Theseus Harrow looked up from his seat the…

Dangerous stories

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The story of piety is strange thunder

The Magus

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When at last I went to my father to learn the art of magic, I found him lounging around on a gigantic living seahorse the color of the ocean in the middle of Court, and said, “Pops, I want to talk to you about life.”