Matthew Keefer

Location Portsmouth, RI
Occupation Music reviewer, writer (ie unemployed)

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    , 2014.
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    Being an Arts and Entertainment journalist at the Mercury was a nice sideways-step into writing for me. I've got a novel completed - needs a close editor's eye and criticism - and probably close to a collection of stories in differing phases of completion. I've got several (unrelated) novels rough-plotted out at the moment, so trying to trudge through writing them one-by-one.

    Why do you write?

    To find the answer to an unasked question. Isn't that why you should read?

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Always a fan of Russian literature. Just picking up Gogol's "Dead Souls." Luckily remembered to get a Neruda collection while in the used section, as well. Probably easier to chat this up in person, I can't seem to answer more than two books to this question ever.

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    Marcus Speh – Aug 16, 2012

    Hi Matt, welcome to this community. I am a fan of Russian literature also. Enjoyed your comments in the forum on criticism. Your answer to “why do you write” did remind me of the Charles Ives' piece 1906 "The Unanswered Question". I believe musicians and composers are less often asked why they do what they do.

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