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Location Woodside, CA.
Occupation POET/seeker of and acceptant of all.
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    Aldrich Press, 2012.
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    I am a poet living in Woodside, California. Generally, I work in the left hemisphere of the world with a right hemisphere brain. Somehow, I make it work. My poetry, flash fiction and non-fiction have been widely published in over forty print and online journals such as Word Riot, Forge, The Journal of Modern Poetry, Punchnels Magazine, Naugatuck River Review, Blue Fifth Review, Poets and Artists Magazine, Red River Review, Connotation Press, The Chaffey Review, Thin Air, Grey Sparrow Journal and many others. My poem, “From Tending Sheep to Confusion on the Amtrak 10:50” was awarded second prize in the 2011 Tom Howard/John H. Reid Poetry Contest. I was a runner up for The 2012 Contemporary American Poetry Prize for my poem, “Soul Stone.” I have been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize and am an active member of The Stanford Writers Studio. My first book of poetry, “Collapsing Outside the Box,” was published by Aldrich Press in November 2012. My second book of poetry, “Raw String” will be published by Finishing Line Press in August, 2013.


    Why do you write?

    Sunlight, rainstorms, 18 yr. Single Malt Scotch, Paris, sitting on an airplane with my earbuds, Rachmaninov, coffee, the ocean at night, a beautiful woman who smells like gardenia when she passes by, family reunions, snowstorms at 12,000 ft, fog and mist in Yosemite, my notebooks, silence, riding from Helsinki to Budapest by train, or a number of infinite places and events that touch me or incubate an idea or sense that something in me is emerging. I write to bring that into being, for if I cannot, it dies in me.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Any book printed or written on real paper. I can do the news in LED, but books are different. I need to smell them.

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    Marcy Dermansky – May 07, 2013

    Hi George. Thanks for reading Halloween. That is so fun, really, to have someone find an old story and enjoy it.

    Lillian Ann Slugocki – May 03, 2013

    hi George, thanks so much for you comments on my work. I read "A Brief Sentence..." and totally fell in love with your work.

    Nonnie Augustine – May 01, 2013

    Thank you for reading and commenting on The Most Beautiful Lady, George. I will read you soon.

    Amanda Harris – Apr 30, 2013

    Thank you, George, for commenting on and faving "Pyromania". I'm honored.

    P.S-I totally love the left/right hemisphere thing in your "About Me".

    Foster Trecost – Apr 28, 2013

    Hey George, thanks for reading Berets and Fish, and thanks for commenting, too. I really appreciate both. fos.

    I love your "Why do you write?"-perfect answers, all of them.

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