My Digital Garden

by Lillian Ann Slugocki

 According to Netflix, she likes dark foreign comedies, dramas with strong female leads, gritty documentaries.  On Facebook, she has 550 friends,  many of whom reflect her lifelong passion for language, and liberal politics.  On Instagram, she knows how to frame a picture, favors architecture, and if pressed, would probably tell you that she reveres Ansel Adams. She has approximately seven other platforms in various forms of disuse and neglect.  This part of her digital garden is not impressive, slightly sloppy, even haphazard.  However, her avatar is an attractive woman with good make-up.  And even though she is shot in profile, the eyes are still dominant.  The hair both light and dark.  A dramatic shot.  This means this is a woman you're not likely to forget.  From a marketing standpoint, this is called an Offensive Avatar.  One who doesn't need provocation to strike out.  So beware.  The contrast in the hair denotes a person who is very much in touch with her shadow, her doppelganger, her double.  The bitch, the witch, the crone and the whore.  All of these are variations, permutations, and even iterations of the shadow.  Her browsing history further documents this analysis.  To break it down further, she is highly educated, yet can't resist slumming it, so to speak.  In particular, on YouTube, she has watched a hippopotamus with exploding diarrhea 18 times in the past 60 days.   However, the smile on her avatar is brilliant, even if the teeth have been whitened, which does denote a tiny bit of vanity, even narcissism!  But the openness of  said smile can indicate a woman with a highly developed, somewhat sarcastic, sense of humor.  Also, her browsing history strays into the metaphysical and even the occult.  A past life reading would no doubt include a stint as an Egyptian priestess during the reign of Imhotep.   Or a seer at the mouth of Sibyl's cave.   Or one of the snakes in Medusa's hair, but I digress.   For the past four months, she's been texting a man who lives in Italy.  Her persona is equally little girl, ballsy woman, sex kitten.   One of the more memorable lines reads:  If you can't spell my last name, you will never see my tits again.  I believe this best represents the triple  hierarchy of her sexual persona.   It is clear that the whole of the woman is more than the sum of her parts.  In the lingua franca of psychoanalysis, she is self actualized.  This is my report.