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The Russian and the Room, 10

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Rumor has it Anna Liu is a witch.

An Appreciation of What May Have Been

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Conjure a manner of address that is in the same way shocking, assaultive, seductive, raw.

About a shredded silk stockings & main erogenous zone of all women.

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”How many lowers have you had? Why are you still single? “... Gentlemen should not ask these questions and ladies should not answer... the deepest woman`s erogenous zone: Why didn`t anyone tell me this before?...

Unfit - V

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sex, drugs, language: may be offensive to some


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He abhors her. He loves her.

Unfit - VI

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I finally caught up with Norma Jean at a crowded nightclub in a downtown hotel. She put her arms around me, and whispered: "Be an angel, get me high. Can you do that? I'm performing here tonight. I'm terrified."

The Hottest Place

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She enjoys a boisterous, well-fed captivity.


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With lips slightly open

Amahle and I

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He brought an incredible Mozambican girl over for me and warned me before I slept with her.


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Can't cope. Got no hope. Got no dope. Call the Pope. Get the rope.

The Tale of the Donut and the Éclair

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“I scheduled some time today to talk to you about something…something important. Since you’re going on with your life, leaving everything you’ve known so far, you’re going to need some information about sex.”

A Letter to My Only Friend

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The lady—yes, it is grittily colonial but this is how she referred to her-- was with her family.

Some Things I Know

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(Ephraim) Shandreeka Jeffreys the most beautiful girl in the world. I know it true. She got skinny leg and arm but something bout her brown eyes special. Her hair shine in…

Waiting for "Barney" (Mordecai Richler's version)

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But there’s a special place in my heart for Richler’s tour de force of a novel, his grand finale, Barney’s Version. It has everything — humour, a whiff of mystery, poignancy, a suggested reading list for a literary illiterate like yours truly, the Falstaf

Upon Reading a Book

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O' madam, betwixt the pages A story professed to love A wonder of descriptive prose Delights read enraptured “My favorite book”, so you said O' madam, your heroine is flawed Wounding herself beyond measure And those she swears she…