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Walking To Gibraltar, Chapter 9: In Which A Cause Is Proffered

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"I think you're a great candidate for a sentinel node biopsy," said Dr. Kartes. They sat in the small, dark office. On the sofa, not touching. She still wouldn't take his hand.

Walking To Gibraltar, Chapter 10: In Which A Vital Fact Is Recalled

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Late spring, summer before cancer. Frank drove Max and his pal Jason to Cincinnati for their first rock show. Less Than Jake at Bogart's. A two-hour drive for ska-punk.

Walking To Gibraltar, Chapter 11: In Which An Accusation Is Debated

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He gave her cancer. He gave her cancer. Not what she said. She said her relationship gave her cancer. Her relationship with him. Gave her cancer.

Excerpt from The Vicious Circulation of Dr Catastrope

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The people have discharged me... Good! A national disgrace... It is printed in all the newspapers, all awards denied me... even my peace! They come, they steal my books, my carpets! These little Gingpauper cowards, looking for remuneration for my alleged crimes... My acts…

Excerpt from Calembouria (in collaboration with Anthony Metivier)

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The rapport between the two figures — Dr Fuse Less and Dr Jonkil Calembour — is an interesting one for those who care to take their scuba gear and swim around in that place below the main text with all their coral reef expressions and poisonous ego je

Excerpt from Urdoxa 2.0

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What will you leverage against me but blue-nosed writing anyway? Blue-nosed thoughts! Blue-nosed values! A blue-nosed reading! O the leavening of all to the strict and corseted of morality! How my words, my very presence and smell of me, of my words, mus

Wild Dreams of Reality, 9

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As we sat at the cafe, Darrell told me that he had to make a mushroom delivery to one of his clients in Berkeley. I never knew whether it was legal or illegal business he was on, and he made a point of not telling me, because he said it was better I didn

Excerpt from Ars Atrocitatis

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"We were ready to make art out of anyone"

Excerpt from Pompeii ii

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They were always re-breaking the same bone.

Excerpt from Codex Infinitum

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No one knows the true identity of the Master Librarian.


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A cloudy autumn morning greeted Sean as he stepped from the trolley at Grand Central Station. On his way to the tracks he purchased a copy of The New York Times dated October 24, 1934.

The Impossible Man - Ep.1 : The Employee, the Package, and the Oddity

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WARNING!! The following story was crazy. And by was, I mean, it had already happened. It was an entertaining lie, within another lie. In the end, I should have read the sign telling me to ‘Check my sanity at the door and place my rationale in the closet

Nell Shea

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When the baby's head crowned, Nell let out a scream, arched her back, and started to hyperventilate. With her eyes nearly popping from her head, she finally gained control of her breathing.

Nell Shea - II

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"Mephistopheles, at your service. I can help you. For a fee, of course."

Nell Shea - III

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The emotional conflict raging inside of Nell cast a different light on her mother, a less critical light. Where she once saw her mother as foolishly superstitious, she now saw her as spiritually insightful.