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The Impossible Man - Ep.9: A Day of Madness. What?! Get Out of Here! No Really, Go!

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As soon as Yuki placed the food on the counter, Michael, Jamal and Dom Coqui gathered around ready to eat. The magical girl turned around with a smile and pulled out slips of paper from her pocket.

An Artist is Born

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she walks up to the lake of spiraled colors, yellow and green ...

The Impossible Man - Ep. 10: Round 1.

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With all the things going on around The Impossible Man’s Anime and Manga Shop, I am quite surprised that you have made it this far.

The first sense of desire

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I want to own you, even if it is only for a few moments or a few hours, but it will not be worth it unless for that brief span of time I know that the only purpose of your existence is to be a woman whom I own.

The Impossible Man - Ep.11: Best Friends

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Barry pressed the Summon button and a beam of white light flew past Angela and Ely. It stopped before them as an outline of something real big materialized before them.

Wild Dreams of Reality, 10

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I spent the whole day at Oliveira's, writing furiously in my notebooks. The words came pouring out. Just before seven, Darrell picked me up. I grew anxious driving down to Parker's studio because it was in a bad area on the border between Oakland

The Impossible Man - Ep.12: Howling Woobles

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Behind the Music CD rack, was a pair of green eyes. It whispered very calmly as it watched Jamal read the paper. It approached the counter, slowly and targeting.

Wild Dreams ofReality, 11

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I took my first shower away from home as if it were a ritual cleansing. It felt especially good, even exciting to be taking a shower in the bathroom of another woman. Why was that? Maybe because it didn't have marble around the bathtub, and it wasn't e

Wild Dreams of Reality, 12

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I went out behind Parker's house and saw Darrell's tent set up in the grass. The flaps of the pup tent were open. I could see him through the mosquito netting. He had a Coleman lamp burning and lay on his back in his underwear on top of his sleeping bag.

Wild Dreams of Reality, 13

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At 7:30 that evening my brother knocked on Parker's front door. When I went to let him in, sweat was running off Darrell's head like he'd been hit by a water balloon. The air was absolutely unmoving, and there was the smell of tar from the asphalt in th

Girma Dali - Chapter 2

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This is Chapter 2 of my serialzied novel Girma Dali. The title character reflects upon his youth and the young boy, Benga, who mentored him into adolescence.

Unoriginal Sin - II

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"I want to reside in God's presence for all eternity," I told her: "That's my original motivation for joining the priesthood, to humble myself through service, to become worthy."

The Impossible Man - Ep.13: March of the Steel Giant

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Unfortunately, the robot stepped on a car and stumbled back toward the helicopter. Wolfgang pulled up as he saw Clipperstein’s chest open wide. Once the robot landed on its back, a cannon stuck out and fired a ball into the air.

Peeg and Brie (opening of a teen novel)

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TEXT TO VICKY This sucks! Sorry for the teen-speak Vicky, but it does. You saw me in the hospital. It's just as bad at home. They still don't know what to do for my smashed voice box. I probably won't ever speak again. (Maybe with a mechanical thing lik

The Impossible Man - Ep.14: Ki to Wisdom

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Jamal took a deep breath. He ignored the playful sounds of Angela and Ely. The songs of birds drifted into silence. The water came to a stop. He no longer thought about Sam and Julia. Not even the store.