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The Impossible Man - Ep.15: Journey and a Half

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[Save game? Yes. No.] The text box said as Angela made the cursor next to Yes flash. Suddenly the game paused, nobody was moving, not even the young woman. Everyone heard a soft and melancholic melody that was soothing to the ears.

Private Security - II

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When high in the mountains one night, Rob looked up at the sky, out into the universe, and he felt an arousing, timeless presence, like the universe itself was watching him, calling to him.

The Impossible Man - Ep.16: Puerto Rican Day Parade

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The crowd went into a roar, as the first float to arrive was the Grand Marshall, led by a group of teenage girls twirling batons into the air.


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Becoming particles with panache.

Halfway to the Top

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sparsely populated center of world population

Private Security - III

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He thought about returning to the army but he doubted the success, even the moral judgment, of their mission. He needed to find another way to make a difference in the world.

The Impossible Man - Ep.17: Cherry Blossom Festival

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People lined up at the main hall where the shrine of Ame-no-Umuze-no-Mikoto stayed. They offered their prayers to the kami with the help of miko, the shrine maidens of Shinto.

Wild Dreams of Reality, Chapter 15

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Darrell looked at me, then down at himself. He was still in his wet underwear. "What is this?" he said, looking up again. "Where in the hell was I?" He shook his head. "It was weird, Philip. Boy, that was one wild dream." "That was no d

The Impossible Man - Ep.18: Spoonful

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The shopkeeper closed his eyes, and focused his mind. He curled his hands into a fist and raised them up. He felt rejuvenated. His energy came back to him.

Why God was Vovka`s follower

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Stalin and sex. These S&S were taboo. We knew nothing about. Paradox... no-one can answer ... (190 words)

The Impossible Man - Ep.19: Near the End...

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Michael smirked and looked back at his friends, making the peace sign with his thumb extended. They realized as Michael walked up to the middle of the circle, he had a plan they did not know about.

Private Security - IV

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Her facial cuts and bruises were from a recent beating, Rob concluded. The threat of danger heightened his interest.

The Impossible Man - Ep.20: ?

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“Who is The Impossible Man?”

Private Security - V

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WARNING: She placed one hand on the back of his neck, the other hand on his leg, and said: "This is what you want, isn't it?"

Private Security - VI

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"There's a remarkable presence here. I could sense it right away as we started up the path. I feel like a Druid. I’m in love with this place.