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To Whom It May Concern:

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Now, we can argue about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, but there is no doubt that it takes eight spritzes of Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner, three spritzes of Lime-Away, and then a 30 second spray of Oust to incapacitat


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Falling like purity and cocaine and clean paper and virgin thighs all around me.

Such Small Adventures

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your hand in mine is as small as minnows

Life of Charlotte

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A wall of icons can be beautiful if you don’t look closely at the hands. The hands tell stories of too short lives and unrequited love.

The Trouble with Hope

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It's so fragile anything can kill it— one cold night, the smoking chimney too far off in the distance, another drought, everyone at the table either drunk or estranged; but like a fisted bud, it rides out even the deluge …

Don't Grieve for Fish

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Not when their captives wear saris the dusky shade of star anise—and think not of death but dinner. Silver scales wink at mirrors; one last dance of surrender and forgiveness.

Explore, Expound, Expand, Explain

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We walk on


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It's supposed to resemble the sea bed. These fish have never seen the outside of an aquarium and even if they had, they are reef fish, they'd probably get the bends and die if they went to the bottom of the ocean where the chances of them finding a cerami

Sweet pea, sweet William

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Sweet William at home in a hole dug by dirty fingers in earth forked loose and cleared of roots and rocks twists its mane of pink and red in breezes with the other garden blooms. Proud flower, watered by underground pipes by spouts and hoses drinks under sunlight and…


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We lived in a white and mint green trailer in the woods. I was 23. The hanging of the clothes on the line made me feel kind of famous in the eyes of nature

To Zephyrus

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In a field of barley, I see you, ...


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"Did I have a choice? Could I just open my eyes, did I have to ‘see’ as he was telling me now I could? I decided to go for it. What did I have to lose? This was all a dream, too much driving to get here, too much reunion, too much food, too much beer. Or


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October Unruly flocks of geese trumpet and bleat, wings beat, hidden in a shroud of mist over still water Newly fallen leaves lay sodden and silent on the stony path, their season spent Cornstalks lean in rusty fields, crepe paper strands fluttering like feathers on…

The Tall Man’s Secret

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I turn the corner and come face to face with Ed, who's stark naked at the kitchen sink. He chugs a glass of hot tap water from a measuring cup and belches loudly. “Good morning,” he says, as he pisses in the sink. “I drink 6 cups of hot tap…

'I don't wanna not know you'

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She'd hung a handful of pink quartz, blue datolite and clear rock crystals from my rear-view mirror, they swayed and clapped together with each jarring impact of the F-250 as we headed up up up up. She said, "each time they click, it's good luck," brushin