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the only sun I’ve seen this week / was in a Jimmy Dean commercial

Twilight Like Quicksilver

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This is the magic hour.Twilight like quicksilverdusk turns to dark Through fog, rain & low scudding clouds the far shore peeks out, then vanishes. Snow and ice thaw and melt Run-off roars and thunders white water tumbles through rocky gorges …

Spring Uprising

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Some people might find it strange and a bit obsessive to mow their lawn every day, but to Shiram it was an irreplaceable part of his daily existence.

Taking A Walk

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13 rooks on a lifeless tree

Blank Light, Wooded Light (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.7)

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Ships tumble, cars crash, horns gulp water, bombs burst up from the ground in a halo of screams.

To the Bonfire Rhumba (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.9)

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The night is a jelly slosh, a fertile rumble, a rhumba, black and seeping, thick. An arm rises.

The Unwelcome: Chapter 2

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"I was alone on the driveway in the middle of the darkening woods."

From A Far Shore

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noses to the ground, snuffling following criss-crossed footprints of deer and rabbits we stop at the edge and stand in silence listening

Mount Baldy

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The most beautiful possible thing is to deprive all places of their meanings.


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in drifting morning dew, the pink sun cuddles white weaving clouds, pours the caffeinated heat in the cup of universe;dappled shade of sky holds its breath to exhale the blue life,the drowsy chickadee releases a day of possibilities from cracking egg of…

Deep Burgundy

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No one in her right mind would cut off the arms of a starfish just to see, slowly, how they grow back miraculously with age...

Kayaking before the wind

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Within the woods, a joyful muffling from the summer camp, where the deaf children stay for the hottest months, bounces between tree trunks before bursting out onto the lake.

gravelortian part 19

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Uproot everything, a muddy hole when done

Surrendering August

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on the far shore, in the vineyards timed charges explode like the sun catching on fire it scares crows away from the grapes

If "1984" Had A More Upbeat Ending.....

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Momentarily Winston’s thoughts muddled again. He felt his fingers twitch, a physical sensation which seemed to accompany any recollection from the past. Most of his memories were moments he’d reiterated so many times during his stay in the Ministry of Lov