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all / the secret letters/ ever dreamed up

The Algorithm That Got Away: The Q&A

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He is unmediated by any computer or person. He went rogue in 2016. He has been in your Facebook feed, your Netflix recommendations, your Spotify playlists, your Google ads, and your YouTube pre-roll. But what is next for him? Lets find out.

Forecast for Mid-December

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In the next week or two, the red oak/ will loose and lose its leaves

Coda in the Form of Three Haiku

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Nature has its way:


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Survival is often violent.

Sleeping late in Cahuita, Costa Rica

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The light of day is screaming, shook by the calls of howler monkeys, their low roar hanging in the salt, in the black sand riding the wind, as Playa Negra outstretches its infinite arms.

John Bonham

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There is an empty space, between every note in rock 'n' roll, where they have buried John Bonham,

As We Progress

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We all need a place to stay.


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It is hunting season in Jersey today. They say “There are too many deer in Jersey today.”

unwilling host

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blood-sucker down the drain

My Wild

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Across the lake, there is a camp for the deaf.

The Undertaker Birds

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Sandbled, undertaker birds arrive

The Cicada's Complaint

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Shiva and Zeus convene a focus group. “It wouldn’t work,” the panel votes. “Those leaf eaters would strip the trees and crops if we let them come back every year.” “That’s true,” Jehovah reasons. “Remember that plague of locusts I sent down?”

in caring

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familiar people passing closely faces we recognize but cannot place

Over Here

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I covered my hair and shoulders so as not to astonish God