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The Ravages of War

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History has never been alive for my forward seeing eyes; I only looked towards the future. I never saw the machines of war, soldiers who marched upon the people, taking down their meager barricades. They took down…

Refer Madness

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There is an old Indian story which says that if a person inhales basil fumes, then scorpions will grow in the inhaler's brain. We have basil growing all over our garden, so this explains the absolutely stinging sensation I feel in my cerebellum after cutting the basil hedge…

The Guy by Isaac Boone Davis

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The Guy You get drunk at the party and tell everybody about the time you were raped. Half of it's bullshit. Alcohol is doing that to you…

The Unwelcome: Prologue

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"The house was the site where Kelt parents...were murdered in the spring of 1942..."

The Unwelcome: Chapter 1

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Whatever that meant, however such a thing could have happened, the house, the place, the whole property...did have that feeling: remote and silent, austere as a tomb of the unknown.

Questions of Ownership

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Who owns the moon? What title search/ could ever make a claim?

Questions of Ownership

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Who owns the moon? What title search/ could ever make a claim?


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The scent of lotus blossoms and chrysanthemum flowers bathed the air.

Displacing Charles the Bald

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I try to envision long-haired men riding horses across a vast expanse, their faces blank as those of my students.

The Wall: A Love Story, Of Sorts

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I need to get in and out, you say.


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His land lady was somehow thrilled that the Herr Doktor Professor had a visitor from the US and invited us for tea. She caught us coming in and without thinking anything, and at her persistence, I had absently accepted. My friend did not seem to want to b

Lullaby for a Dragon Baby (for Josephina TuTu Waring)

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Lullaby for a dragon baby who breaks the bough with bottled fists escapes the armored cradle stealing swords from terra cotta men to slash the Ming canopy and loose the butterflies that will free Ho Chi Minh from the fire.

Pretending Veracity, History Winks

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Mosaics are a trick of the eye, seeming

A Team of Horses

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He had coal black hair the day he died. He claimed to be part French, no doubt the offspring of a Swedish girl and a French soldier, although Ole did not mention this.

In Paris, The Sweltering

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Then dared each other to travel Much further