Lullaby for a Dragon Baby (for Josephina TuTu Waring)

by Yasmin Elaine Waring

There is no hush in this lullaby for a dragon baby 
who breaks the bough with bottled fists 
escapes the armored cradle stealing swords 
from terra cotta men to slash the Ming canopy 
and loose the butterflies that will free 
Ho Chi Minh from the fire. 

Fill her princess bowl with rose petals and apricots
and rusty shackles, will settle at the bottom
beneath curls of cinnamon bark calling ancient spirits.

So she will remember after the pink dance, 
after the red night, after the blue walk, 
to clutch her thick ankles in brown hands 
open the heart of her lap on yellow grass
and sing.

--June 2014