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Everything and Nothing

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Joe thought of Evelyn. Walt of Charley. Annabelle dreamt of Paolo in an autumn in Cordoba. Everyone who stayed at Mrs Jackanoe’s guest house in Room 17 and found the note also found some long forgotten feelings.


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In those years, you and I were told to leap for a world suffused with sound and industry.


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Every day, I write myself further away From the East Where we began

dark deer

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On the porch beside the banyan trees, Australian pine, palms, hibiscus, your son recites the Gettysburgh Address. It is Thanksgiving on Anna Maria Island and your family, parents, and sister's family sit before their vanquished plates.

The Tale Of Lys

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Even the old medicine woman seemed to grin with a perverted sort of understanding when she opened the door to find Lys waiting outside. She was comfortable nowhere and ready to flee at any moment.


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We knew the future was there, that it lay out in space but it too seemed frozen, shimmering just on the horizon of the last sun we will see for months. We were trapped, most of us scientists, the rest barely even seamen. This was Antarctica, 1897.

Stones and Seams

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Grandmother, your stories are stones Sewn into my stomach I feel them grate against my linings when I walk I feel them knocking into my lungs when I jump Magnetized to turn against the sun And point to your ghostland home

The wrecking of the 'Tayleur'

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“Land ahoy!” “Breakers ahead!” Panicked shouts from the deck above meant nothing to me. Stripped of pride, dignity, warm clothes and…

Leningrad's Sister City And Her Cuban Sandwiches

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It began not so innocently with voyeuristic tendencies. the sound of concrete and confetti in the night.

The Ghosts of History

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In this lab, where I work 40 hours a week, live the ghosts of questions asked.

Trick and Treat

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He's a big fish and king-of-a-hill. - Unfortunately, the pond's gone sour and the heap's a pile of manure.


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October Unruly flocks of geese trumpet and bleat, wings beat, hidden in a shroud of mist over still water Newly fallen leaves lay sodden and silent on the stony path, their season spent Cornstalks lean in rusty fields, crepe paper strands fluttering like feathers on…


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It matters little who thought of it first, what mattered was the schism. Or, to be more accurate, those on the opposite sides of the schism. And, of course, you are a part of this, dear reader. You are of one side or the other.

Touchstone: Excerpt 4.

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His wealth showed best in her full figure.

Static Impairment

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History has never been alive for my forward seeing eyes, only looking towards the future. I never saw the machines of war, soldiers who marched upon peasants, taking down their meager barricades. They took down their small…