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Lessons from Survivors

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You cannot go back, you cannot go home, you cannot cannot cannot…Only in memory is it possible to travel back in time. We all imagine it. We relive happy moments, sad moments, we exist, time exists and it passes. We cannot stop it.


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As military tears soaked into hymnbook pages

Blood By Pines

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But all that they found at the top was bloody red spatters on pure white snowflakes. And beyond that footprints that got smaller and smaller until they disappeared completely into the spicy green pines.

First Shot (29)

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...whatever the hell they did...

First Shot (32)

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First Shot (33)

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First Shot (34)

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First Shot (35)

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...Mulder and Scully...

First Shot (36)

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...once when he got up to pee...

First Shot (38)

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The woman followed them into the house.

First Shot (37)

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"Getting a little spooked..."

First Shot (39)

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...Amelia Earhart.

First Shot (40)

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Previously Salzwedel brings his student out to the car where Blow discovers the student is not a boy, as he had assumed. Sarah, the student, blurts out that she blames herself for her grandfather's death.

First Shot (41)

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We left Blow, Salzwedel and Sarah at Gramps's store, with Sarah about to tell her teacher and the young lawyer why she blames herself for her grandfather's death... [cue up studio organ]

First Shot (42)

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In the last episode, Sarah explains what led up to Gramps's death. She gives Blow a box containing what she says are her great-great grandfather's personal papers. In this scene, Lt. Callahan takes Blow to the place he believes a murder was committed.