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First Shot (43)

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Previously Blow visited the spot where the killer likely fired the shot that decapitated Newt Gunther. Later, at home, Blow prepares to examine documents that might reveal who fired the first shot in the Battle of Lexington.

First Shot (45)

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Previously we learned who fired the "shot heard 'round the world" and why he fired it. Here's what happened to the shooter after he rode from Lexington on Paul Revere's horse.

First Shot (46)

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We left Blow reading the final page in Willie Hosner's Revolutionary War diary. In today's thrilling episode, Blow catches serious hell from Mary Lloyd...

First Shot (47)

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We left Blow and Mary confronting a threatening voice mail from unscrupulous news reporter Mel Watterman. Today we watch them duel by text messages with Lt. Callahan.

The Sky Suffocated

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In the night the rain made gentle, the flood still far off, and downstairs on the dining-room table the centerpiece collected dust as the hours passed.

Past Imperfect, Future Imperfect

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A proper study of human history should lead the student to an inescapable desire to commit suicide


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fate is an illusion we use to ease the terror of our mortality

The Fourth Prague Defenestration: 7

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The family castle, Krivoklat, pronounced something like sheevoklat, where my maternal grandmother’s family ran a hotel, was founded in 1109 A.D. (how long our family ran the hotel business is anybody’s guess, taken over by the Nazi’s, then the C

Four Poems

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Our disappearance would register/ as the movement of a sand grain/ on a windy beach full of sand.

The Undertaker Birds

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Sandbled, undertaker birds arrive

When the Moon Becomes the Sun

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While most spread their time in other occupation, I traveled through books and grew my imagination. I knew endless bliss. I was a book eater. I would just devour books that I loved and slug through those I didn't, just to make myself eat the truths and li

Promise to read me aloud.

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Slaughter of Ndebele; 1st Matabele War December 1893. The parable of Rainfall told of the day Bulawayo club rats swallowed our street and lost their way; of corners bent all the way back into nooks and crannies of…


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wine spills along my backbone

English Riviera

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Wooden piers, sour local beers Sodium smears on aquariums, damaged


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Every ten days, the Decadent Sisters assembled for dinner. Although raised together, they were each very different...