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The Baptism of David Swimmer

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The church pews were straining at the crowds who had come to see David get saved. There was no salvation in the water really, but the Baptists preached the gospel of immersion. There was a certain Baptist church in Kentucky that pressured a man who'd been sprinkled to get…

(1) Nan

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[Her adviser] looked at her and tilted his head, smiling. Over his shoulder she saw the M104 bus cruising up Broadway, and considered diving under it. Instead she took off toward the corner, in shame, and he followed. When they parted ways, he took her ha

Mountain Pose

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Lying in the dewy grass in corpse pose, the stars of heaven above him, it was hard not to let worries take over his breath...

Lone Ranger, or, The Higgs Boson Speaks

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yes, you may halt friendly neutrinos / for questioning at icy checkpoints / but no one is stopping us

Beach Bird Bliss

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This day, oh, this day… shoved joy and gratitude in my face, then tossed in beauty and just a touch of grace. A Piping Plover set my sorrows by the side, nabbing morsels when it could, then racing from the tide. Junior Eagle perched…


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The instant you remember gratitude with enough focus to spring free its power...

A Walk on Ferry Beach, Maine

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"and I turned to you, at some joke we shared, and saw winter ease its hand,"

Filtering Grace

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...She was my first, my only, she broke me in then brought me down. Alone now, I cycle through hundreds of variations of her image like a flip book narrating some abstract story. That’s all she is now to me, an incoherent melange of tints, saturations, an

Play it, Sam

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...still the same old signs...

Spiced Nuts

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There are lines// across time, beyond the tug/ of elections and fashion,/ beyond the turbulence of history

How to Stop Doing and Be

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Monday will come soon enough to get/ what needs to be done, done.


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Lying all over itself...