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Listen to me, at the end of all things, and I will tell you her story.


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I It's been there all week, Nose tucked into tail Comfort found between impact and asphalt II I'm still here logged out, still here Had it with the billboards the check engine light milemarkers... Just…

So Nice by the Fire

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I tried to talk to him, tell him how I felt about that, but he looked at me as if for the first time, so I retreated to the stereo with a pitcher of stingers and put on a Doors album.

The shadow on the wall

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Those small peculiar moments, brown and liquid, invented themselves before him while his cup drifted out of view...

New Year's Eve

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Quail looked up at her. Unsmiling, challenging. Lemme just go wash my hands, he said. She closed the door, bolted it. You won’t need your hands.

I Wrote a Book

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About halfway through reading some book that was supposed to be some really deep shit, I decided to write my own book instead.

Hobo Junction

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“How much is stuff worth? Stuff man! Bling! Cargo! STUFF! What's it worth to you? It ain't worth a shit, man! Clean clothes! Comfortable shoes! A ride! Those things are important! But they’re only stuff.


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There’s nothing I can do to help. There’s nothing I would do.

All the Bad Things About Hill House

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I felt the most afraid I’ve ever felt in my life, like all the unknowns in the universe were rushing through me at once.

The Garden Heaters Of Kilburn

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when women’s hair shrinks into tight curly balls and sits on top of their heads like scrunches of wool, blowing in the wind, hanging from the mouths of recently shot deer.

Breasts and Pickups

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Two giant greasy hands were working those breasts hard, squeezing and tugging and pulling. She didn't holler.

Dirty Aubade

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We could kiss under the elder tree, even though it was forbidden, even though we were drowned by the noise of the river and nothing we said was right


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It’s a little known fact that eels are often lost in translation – only the spotted variety, not the striped or the common and certainly not the electric.... I think about that lovely hippie girl and her knowledge of eels, sometimes.

How To Profit As Copper Becomes The New Gold

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We have no more leaders, only rulers who live in another country. I don't ask why my cousin's hand is bandaged, what he's been burning, what's tarped in his truck.

His Venus

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Just a year ago, Dana was fat in a fertility-fetish sort of way, a shiny round Venus flush with lust.