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Sidewalk Cafe at Night: van Gogh

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while the fat stars stand out in the cobalt night.

The Ringlet

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Most of Carl’s neighbors considered him a lone taciturn man at best and an eccentric loony at worst. His neighbors knew him as the guy who left his house every morning at eight dressed in a suit and tie.

The Ringlet: Part II

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Ashford Garth Willingsham IV stood looking out at the Gulf of Mexico from his mansion on Longboat Key. In his right hand was a letter from his divorce lawyer, Reynard Foxx...

The Ringlet: Part III

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The sand was covered with shards of mirror glass, which reflected the bright sun in myriads of twinkling daylight stars.

The Art of Pizza

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He’d eaten every kind of pizza from the most sublime to the foulest.

In Search of Vince’s Quinces

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Beautiful, he thinks, as he taps the ash of his cigarette over the balcony, but this is not good enough.

another ode

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the strength in you i envy/ leaves me naked, sweating in the dust/ while you possess what ethic i pretend to have/ in the face of those who expect from me/ so much more.


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circumstances// squeeze the heart so hard/ that you should die but don’t.

Not Art

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this is not art

Red and Blue Lines of the German Painter, Otto Dix

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They can’t help Seeing a child even there In the crude brushstrokes. They say it is me.

Ba, or The Joy of Surround Sound

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On the program, he's listed thus: Matthew Lobmeyer...Percussion. But this is a cruel understatement, for there in the pit sits a grown man, some years older than I am, who looks like no more than a child in comparison to the army of drums that sounds him.


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On stage, students from the junior college join children from the community to speak and sing in American-French accents. They are timid, heart-broken, in love, rebellious, faithful, resigned to their fates—and all in the matter of a few short hours.

The She-Wolf of Leningrad

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The heavyset blind woman came into the art opening without a dog or a cane.

The Model & The Artist

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I advertised in the local paper for a model.

Uncle Ned

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There was this old guy named Ned. He swept floors. No one knew much about him. He'd been around for years sweeping the concrete floors of the hangar-sized buildings that housed the major mechanical service departments at an old amusement park.