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Brussegem, a snug hell (novel excerpt)

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Long ago, this painter Brussegem had hung the dark mantle of Outcast Artist” over his shoulders—and over his life, he formed a strict philosophy—Art and Only Art—and protected his solitude and artistry with all his moody might,....


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The guide moved along to the next piece of art but I couldn’t seem to pull my eyes from David’s form. He sparked something within me, his sculpted details made me smile in guilty pleasure and I wasn’t ready to leave him yet.

Damien Hirst Burger

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the Tate Modern is like a dungeon!


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~our silly cosmology of visceral pleasure~

~the brilliant machine~

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when the sun goes down alone vice is forgotten in the night wind your lover's voice on the phone held fast in the balance of gravity and momentum overcoming inanimate objects and the unknown

~true myth zoo spa~

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flash read. have fun *cheers*

Out of no way, way

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(puppet dragons in/ the light),/ paper tigers in/ the dark.

missing item #7

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in her bedroom, opening night of his solo show she is snapping her nylons to center the seam stretching from her toes to where the line disappears into the hem of her dress.

Words In the Right Order

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1. Post Scriptum Just opened an email from work containing an attachment of a piece of art which reads (translating from Turkish) “The price of love; one person pays”

Parts 2 Through 5 of a piece called Wilderness of Humanity, or, We Can Always Clean This Thing Up Again

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2. humility You know what silly does? Silly guarantees that you will enjoy the moment as the moment for the moment. Clowns make fun of silly. Isn't that ironic? They are in essence the opposite of their own image. That's why so many people see them as evil--because you…

Like Swan Lake

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There is art and / there is beauty

Art Survives

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Forget the salt erasure of Carthage,/ all the Meso-American artifacts/ smelted to float the Armada

Assessing Beauty

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If I knew beauty, I could/ wake her where she dreams,/ persuade her to inform each/ gestured choice I make.

Assessing Beauty

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We can’t be sure. Perhaps it is/ some slight exaggeration of one/ or several elements that steals our breath.

NYC Art Opening Tonight May 2 from 6-8pm

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If you're in NYC tonight, come to my wife's art opening, Sherry Karver, at the Kim Foster Gallery at 529 W. 20th St in Chelsea. Tonight May 2, from 6-8pm.