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Art Is Resilient

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Our revolutionaries Have evolved into gamekeepers

That Place Underneath the Spreading Ficus

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The Mitzvah

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There were only two students in the sculpture class: an 86 year-old Jewish woman and myself.

the tender

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Postcards of bleak pictoria; a conjurer of doves tongued to his beak.

Polite Grafitti

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He was entirely guilty of what he had done and wanted that to be acknowledged and understood by the arresting officer.

Open Letter To The Troll

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It’s like something out of Superman’s Bizarro World where everything is the opposite of what it’s supposed to be.


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—It’s difficult to say, he said. I have mood swings. Women don’t like that. They become upset.

No Alternative

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* — Eligibility conditions apply, no purchase necessary.

The Nude Pianist: A Novel: Chapter 1

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Before he was Francesco Martinelli

The Nude Pianist: A Novel: Chapter 2

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Independence Day was a Thursday. Frank had been invited to join some Yale Art School classmates in Vermont for a three-day bacchanalia.

The Nude Pianist: A Novel: Chapter 3

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It was like watching one of those vintage eighteen-frames-per-second films of someone trying to open a stuck umbrella.

Art exploits

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Against// the mysteries and the dark/ it illuminates and shapes

The Nude Pianist: A Novel: Chapter 11

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Michiko never telephoned Frank from Washington or Chicago.

The Art of the Ruin

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The ghosts run before/ attacking horsemen. A heart/ is ruptured by a spear.


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Andy W. and Roy L. were both painting cartoons at the same time, in the same city unbeknownst to each other. One day Andy W. walks into a local gallery and sees Roy L.'s painted dots of Micky M. and Donald D. WHAM! Andy W. is thrown aback as if he had just slipped on a…