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But home won.


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The silence grew louder as it grew longer.


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“I’m serious.” “So am I.”

Bud Business? Booming!

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A campaign of brutality became necessary to assure it never happened.

Nineteenth Amendment

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She read so perfectly, they were shocked, since no one had taught her.


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Jane worked out of her new husband's suburban house, struggling to remember it belonged to her too. She shook off memories of years in a rented Mid-City shotgun, an old elevated dwelling that still seemed like home. It ended up with four feet of canal water…


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D'ya have to be so rough?

VISITOR'S DAY (wc: 55)

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Background noises blended in with muffled voices.


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I am going to quit clicking refresh, only because it is clear nothing is happening out there. After I click refresh just one more time, that is, and then I am closing the window. After clicking one more last time. …

Private Security in 55 Words

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He's returning from close combat experience during special operations in mountain warfare near the northeast Afghanistan border. As a good soldier, he cannot and will not question his mission there. And, as a thinking individual, he knows better than to open the floodgates…

There's a Limit

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Exactly 55 words.

Number Nine

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San Francisco's macrobiotic community in 1969 had many divergent sub groups ranging from yin to double yang. At open house dinners around town, intravenous drug users were finding nourishment and hope alongside health addicts who had never so much as smoked a cigarette. I…

Third Time's the Charm

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No jobs except drinking...


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Don't fall to sleep.


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She paused. “It’s definitely not okay.”