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55 words (revised)

Three Times Fifty Five

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Popular Economics Volatile markets, a rapid bidding down, a specific sequence of events, not merely academic, without evidence of a deliberate attempt, beyond finger pointing: how could someone manipulate the markets, make off with a gazillion dollars, and avoid…

Ashes (revised - 55 words)

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She frowns and cocks her head. “You’re my son?”


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“I know it sounds kinky . . ."

Just Say No

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Despite an obsession with sexual content in the media, a sexual malaise is spreading. Ever vigilant, pharmaceutical researchers have produced a new drug with potential benefits for women experiencing low libido. Anxious, overachieving, secular women whose erotic needs are…


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Helene slipped into a silk dressing gown . . .

Piece of Mind

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Contained in 55 naughty words.


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Lucifer's Farewell

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Many Rivers To Cross

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Big Bang Cools

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Dream of Consciousness

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55 words

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The patient people who work with the insane are not my kind of people. They are too entertained by the oddness of the inmates and act with a superior sense. I, on the other hand, am odd myself, searching for adherents to my view. The inmates knew me as such and agreed…

55 words #4

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I drink with my thinking problem intact.