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Tea Party

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The apple tree is pretty and hangs On it's limbsFull pictures Like the executioner songover the head of a bladeAt the end of a rainbow waiting for a cold cloud To blow away a daffodil And leave porcelain tea cups at the end of a dull dayLike doilies waiting to be ripped…

1 Mil = One-Tenth of a Cent

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Thankfully I don't have to share my Jim Beam with the cat.

Once Again

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Bruce kept his seat, waiting for those in the aisle to begin filing out. But they weren’t moving, and neither was he.


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... and August's drought/ will yellow lawns, singe the shrubs,/ and amplify cicada song.

dream girl

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friends come in dreams

The Woman Who Loved Water

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I hear the woman upstairs running water. But that's incorrect. I should say the woman upstairs is running from water. She loves water. And water loves her. She loves cooking and doing dishes but especially running water. She runs water all day doing dishes, doing laundry…


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Each angry man leaps from a boy tempered by existential harm.

Dead Uncle

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When Roy had seen the first of the movies in his dorm's weekend double feature that night (the University of Maine at Orono — as Stephen king once quipped, “that crossword-puzzle favorite”) …

Kentucky Silk

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In The Garden of Unclaimed Urns

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The world has a way of losing its keys; forgetting its late condolences.

Blades of Grass

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What are the odds of August rain in Texas?

The End

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"Tell me what you remember."

prayers for meatwagons

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prayers for meatwagons prayers from meatwagons too: / things can happen in intersections aspeed / with two ambulances from separate streets.

Impeach? or Impale?

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Impale or impeach Impeach or impale Either way you can't fail Which is it gonna be?

The Oxymoronic Life of a Nearly Dead Woman

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I could have a minor stroke.

Accepting New Patients

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You've had some truly awful shit pumped into your brains for years at a time now. The practice started a long time ago. It's not always your fault. The only lasting way to get it out of your head is to go and figure out exactly where…


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Got something inside me hard as nails keeps me walking upright ain't never failed

Walking With Cyclop

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I was looking for a house in the French countryside. A small farm, to be precise, one I could buy and rent out. With separate accommodation for me to live in during summer. A place in which I could continue with my studies under a different sky, in the warm weather, the…

circles, the round

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and skirts, lovely batiks, swirl around your ankles

Silly Soliloquy

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If I had alcohol in me right now I'd be singing out loud. I'd turn this boat around & turn it into a karaoke bar. Why is it even worth mentioning? This is why people gaze abstractedly at the ground. Ambition is thirty gallons of gas & a red Silverado. Wishing, on…

Come Monday

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“Have the cousins arrived?”

Deus Ex Mama

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Charlie is hollering about Rex again. Every dinosaur right now is Rex. Also Rex: every animal with thick-looking skin--elephants, crocodiles. (Yesterday, he pointed to an ant and told me, "Buggy Rex.")


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Rain and wind and the pecking of birds


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With furrowed brow, he took the plastic stems and began to beat the blossom ends against the black brick wall.

justice in obverse and reverse

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seriously: let defendants choose their coin, / execute their own calls, make their own coin flips― / attentive referee, no need for a court.

The Problems of a Thousand Nights

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You had the problems of a Thousand Nights That’s what was wrong with you If only you had opened up the clam And let your fur fly loose We might have had a chance to lose Everything about us that kept us from Loving, even destroying each

another distance

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only after you slipped away entirely


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First the room is blank white and then she is placed there and one by one everything is penciled in. Her, in a loose and flowery dress that conceals her feet; a black and white cat, who wraps her tail around her legs and looks up, head moving trying to interpret;…


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inside i know my heart rattles cause outside i'm only seeing that the truth is in tatters

At a supermarket checkout looking through a window on May Day.

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So I missed the May Day parade again.