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Trapeze Artist

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Solitude is such an excellent alternative to suicide.

Changes Are

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When people drastically change everything about themselves repeatedly, don't they eventually just end up alienating everyone?


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Hi fellow writersThis is a proposed start of novel.Protagonist is Flor "the urchin"her grandfather, whom she hated when he was alive (and vice versa) is seeing her life from the void, he has died.Please offer any feedback or thoughts you may have, all are appreciated.Here…

Hide and Seek

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In September she had been wise.

Main Street

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You know when you see the flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror that you're not being pulled over because of a busted taillight or carelessly doing fifty in a thirty-five mile an hour school zone; your crime is being a Black man behind the wheel. It happens often…

(give me a real moment with a living god and I’ll go all the way)

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I remember, when I was selling real estate, how you could always tell when there'd been a divorce. One room was conspicuously left emptied of its contents, and these rooms were never swept or tidied. Instead they were left just as they were when the par

Rose Hill

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angels and lambs drunkards and whores

George H.W. Bush

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George H.W. Bush took his cock out and began stroking it. “The Reverend Sun Myung-Moon, of course, is a good friend, and the Washington Times[1] is an independent source.” He…


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BelizeIn Belize there is muddy water. Rivers turned brown from the silt and clay of the soil. Water that looks like chocolate milk but the kind of chocolate milk that came in a box like a juice box and not a carton. That type of chocolate milk.Belize comes from an old…

Among the Missing: Family and War

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As Sebald says, I grew up in the shadow of war....

what time is it really is it?

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. . . the roar of fire speaks lasting heat . . . .

My Life on Discord

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I’m on Discord but I don’t know how to do anything.

Old Man in the Tub with MacGyver

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One final herculean strain, if it didn’t kill him might get him at least to his knees.

Paper Thin

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She slipspaper thinshe ripspaper thin


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I will try

Gather Round

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When they first brought me home, I was their pride and joy. Then, one day, they put me in this wooden box.

They Know Better.

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Fat Yasmin and Greg Lane were quite a couple. They held hands a lot. She was a mound of shit. “She had to go…


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There was a big pile of dirt in back, where the little Hebrew School bochurs would play King of the Mountain—tugging, tearing, biting, punching, using whatever weapons they could get their tiny hands on to topple whoever scrambled up the mound first.

All the Places

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we went to together are now, according toyou, not to be believed. A memory of athought of a memory, of an arrow. There isno earth. There is no sun. There are no stars. All theplaces we went to together are to be paused,allowed to fade into never. The river is to be…


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time lost in darkness


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He prided himself on being not menacing like a bear.

The dream diary of Anna Perez - page 63

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I came suddenly awake and the rain was beating a furious rhythm on the rooftops, like a thousand shaken tambourines, like a thousand angry mojaves.


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Scraping the baked on Bar B Q sauce from the grabbing ends of the stainless steel tongs has my total attention.

The Year of the Horse

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“She's the year of the horse,” Metri said as he peeled his dirty head from the bed, his hair was as matted as a racoon tale. It was as wild as a wild animal and smelled like body odor with a hint of blood. He slid his scabbed hands up to his chest as if to…

I Hung My Head

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I hung my head the day my eighth grade math teacher told me I wouldn't amount to anything, and not long after that I dropped out of school because nobody was going to miss a kid like me who wasn't good at math or anything else they tried to teach. I hung my head a couple of…


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Every ten days, the Decadent Sisters assembled for dinner. Although raised together, they were each very different...

A Most Uncertain Fiction

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It is equally likely that just as the rate of melt continues, the rate of melt will also continue to accelerate.


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A riot of greens

Your party invitation just arrived (guest poem by Carolyn Martin)

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"I’d rather move a word around a page than raise a glass or pass a plate or work a room immune to poetry."