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I fall out of love, learn not to worry, and get ready to embrace the foreign war...

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Love hurts... Really.

My Mistress

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the ex now alien

The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon

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Lord knows we all tried to stop him from doing it. You're crazy we said. This makes you look like a lunatic. They'll hunt you down in even heavier droves now. You've upset their delicate memories. I tried to stop it. That's cow territory my friend I…

Tahoe's Tears

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A villanelle

Abra Cadaver

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The body is an endless safari filled with rhino sightings and encounters with antelope.

universal placeholder

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ambiguity of lightning

Trouble behind, trouble ahead, and you know that notion's stole from the Dead

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...she shouted, “Benny!” and slowed down as a hand-lettered signboard proclaiming zukeeny appals cidar came into view

Bone & Air

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Devoid of flesh and muscle, Composed of bone and air.

She's Up a Level

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[FUN FACT: Can you name the 3 80's sitcom stars who asked cops when they were pulled over for a speeding ticket, 'Don't you KNOW WHO I AM!' Answer: It's not just three!]

A Cherry-Pink Moment

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Another routine week for Roselyn. She took the bus to work, settling snugly in the seat, all dressed in woollens in tune with the low temperature. Her coat was buttoned up with a long scarf wound around her neck, almost hiding her entire face. One could imagine a ferret…

a chat between Li Bai and Du Fu

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graves left or graves lost, into silence death sinks:/it's leaving the living that leaves us such pain.


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heart-shaped stones

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heart-shaped stones love, devotion no way


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the colors of the night


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We were fleeing Hurricane Katrina We stopped somewhere in Texas at a roadside diner But found a sign that said it was closed All of a sudden as we sat there in our car The shop’s owner knocked on the window And asked what he could get for us


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Even music relies on what/ you know as music/ for its power to enthrall.

Writing Prompts

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If you want to be a writer, just write stuff.

Late Afternoon in the Universe

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In the evening when the sun sinks low and the baths gets drawna tall glass of milk sits slowly spoiling and sweating on the cracked white window sill. And the kids walk across the grass.The birds send out their last farewell notes They sail on the infinite breath of…

My Old Jeep

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Were we a couple?

The Point

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If you're not any more interesting sloshed / than you are sober / then what's the point?


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“Oh, where are you going to, O tow-haired rover?” Though my sight turns nowhere homeward, and my mouth's run numb, I can hear a leaflet sifting through the walls of clover; Though I stay, I ‘m going forth and o'er to Camelot, come- On a four…

Wild turkey chase

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“Don’t ever call me that name, formal or informal, okay? Forget you heard it.”


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and I don’t miss it. / And I do miss it.


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Even at five years old, I could tell that Eloise was haunted by ghosts that shook her core, leaving her dangling and seeking stability in slowly repeating her compulsive routines.

the directions echoes can take

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commending Bunin, he wound up here/confined almost to the narrow cell/from a Ninth Circle his tour commenced.

Sonnet VIII, On A Lover's Birthday

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A short sonnet for my sweetheart's birthday.


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She is an old soul...

John Garfield dies for our sins... and I get the hell out of San Pedro

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You got to love the beauty of a gin-joint where the whores'll tell you how handsome you are. Beautiful girls and they work in these bars with names like “Paradise Lucky,” “Everyone Joy,” or “Hollywood Happy.”

If God Answers, Don't Hang Up

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All I know is, something I was unaware of Left that vacant look in her eyes As if I had taken the last brownie of her life And then heard myself laughing From the dark side of the moon Maybe she was just standing in The wrong wind that day


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You burnish what is left until it shines and call it your own.