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IN nature, it's hard to find a straight line. Stand on a beach. Look out to sea. There out far you might think you see a line where the sky comes down to join. Where two fields of blue meet. But where you're not quite sure for the line is a blur there. You…

Soft Voices

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soft voices singing somewhere in the black back of rising tensions crashing with the waves...

Fake Empire (Thanks Matt)

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Your voice is yearning, Like a sad song on the radio, A yarn spun to make hearts break.

Inmate Words

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in White Heat there’s a character who reads lips using a mirror to see the mouths of prisoners in other cells that’s how I feel when I talk with you

First Love

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If you can bear with me a couple of minutes, I'll tell you the story of my little brother Jett. It seems quite trivial, but actually it has left a mark on me and might even touch a cynical person. I took the time, with his help, to recollect it just for the memory…


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Lucky for mama, he doesn't like for his women to work.

Despite Your Faith

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As the other mammals go extinct,/ we can’t presume we are immune// because of big brains and a history/ of belief in the control of nature.


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You better read the papers If you don’t understand Cause as of last night I’m a one-man band You’d better walk through water With your boots on fire Cause Baby I don’t think I can take this any higher You’d better find out what I dr

Culture Abuse

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a sixteen year old girl Denim

The Stop

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You were busy, moving, alert inconstant motion; packingbooks, clothes, paintings;deciding yes to this, no to that. I was simply tryingto settle somewhere in the space.We'd known it for years when things were in place. Now, this abrupt interruption of…

Downward Facing God

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Argus was on to me from the moment I unrolled my mat. He knew damn well I was in the wrong room, but he turned blind eyes.

Fall in Love and Other Poems

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Fall in Love by Darryl PriceWhat the black lives matter peopleare saying is black lives matter, too.Just as much. What blue meanies aspeople are saying is blue mattersmore. I don't believe that and neitherdo you. What the green lives matterpeople are saying is we must…

Is Frodo Baggins A Hero?

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Over the last few nights I re-watched the Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson's now-classic films of Tolkien's famous trilogy are always a delight to sit through. Fair warning, though: I've not read the books upon which the movies are based. Or rather, I've not read all of…

the honey ant of Kaapa Tjampitjimpa

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1I'VE BEEN looking though books of paintings and I've been thinking …

What We Give

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Oh, what jealousy does to us! What love does to the living!

Sonnet 13

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Under the concrete I find myself drownedand I'd swum, scrambled, and tried to breach but it set in my ways. And I can't swim aground.Can't move forward. Only flounder and reach. She moved away to her side of the bedafter she'd finished sucking my limp…

I Channel Quevedo

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-Hey, life! Nobody answers? WTF? -Ah life! Nobody answers me. Well, what did I expect?

The Loss of My Twin K

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I have now migrated to new surroundings. A new master, no, a new mistress. The fluids have slightly changed: they taste odd and could even be toxic as I feel a burn inside me. Otherwise the temperature is the same with its usual variables.I long for my twin K. We were…

Straight to Jimbo

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...coming into that bone yard, you just hang a right, go on past La Fontaine, and take a left a bit further on. Jimbo's right up in there.

Animal Lover

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Your blue Jesus staresand your blush colored liliesthe shadows crossingpast pursed lipsAnimal LoverI am your purring beast.Painting by Alessandro Tomassetti. Poem by Didi Menendez.

Bookmarks From Hell -- A List of Unsavory, Alarming and Downright Nasty Things Librarians Have Found In Library Books

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Why would anyone stash a used condom in a Bible?

The Imbecile

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He couldn’t count the bags of grain on a boxcar except by hand. He didn’t know his times tables, couldn’t multiply.

Little Oddities

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The energies align to compel you,/ wave by field, charge by pulse, into/ an ever increasing circle of speed

I Took Part in 5 Orgies, Which I Liked, and Got Pounded into Shit

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Rose lifted her 55-year-old legs until they were perpendicular to the bed and admired how girlish they looked. It gave her the sexy legs of a 20-year old, if the morning light was right and she squinted a bit.

There Goes A Green Torino

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I will be heresitting on this pavementon this blockin this neighborhoodwith my legs crossedwith a dogwith another dog with his bonein front of my housein front of the mammothsunflowersdrinking a glass of waterreading a booklistening to Discobecause I'm weird like…

On Global Warming

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You think I don't know, that's your whole stupid problem. You don't believe in anyone. You must enjoy living in a dark lonely universe. I don't know if you know or not about the lights that live in your own head, but I believe …

A Late Encounter with a Circular Future

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Grange was still cussing up storms and other calamities in the well-illuminated heat of central Kansas at mid-day when he thought he spied Dennis Hopper . . .

The Mender

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I polished his shoes to an avid black; sewed buttons backand mended torn silk and cotton.His clothing was my busy work. Needle, thread, stitch, and iron,I was his apothecary of linens.Blood, wine, soup, vomit --these I cleaned too, until all theircolor and scent…


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From the way your hand touches the bread of full mornings, far distances.