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Christ walks the streets of Venice

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Christ walks the streets of Venice,/has long since become a regular . . .

The Lazy Clouds

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This is a nice illusion, here with you. The world Is meant to fill your eyes. You remind me of Everything right now. This is a nice illusion, here with You. It's all morning light. The wind playing with your Hair lifts my spirits, too. Seagulls…

Manliness!! *urp*

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It starts on the Fallopian Speedway


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In the quiet dark, fathers reappear.

Napomo 17: April 7-12

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The drinking will continue/ until morale improves


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One night while in rehab I had a dream that I worked as a violin maker in Salzburg.

Avoid Anything With an Ism

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Communism Capitalism Gism or Gysm, either way Avoid anything with an Ism Catholicism Botulism Socialism Skepticism If its got an Ism in it Avoid it, okay? (Advice for our newborn daughter) Avoidalism is okay Though So you c


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From words to meaning― how complicated it is.

5th and 6th staves of "Edju"

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5. I forced myself back to the cathedral of St. Thorfinn. I had to go. It was unfinished business. Like rain when it doesn't fall. Like threat against the state. Like a weak fist. I return because I know the glass coffin…

Greet Death

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where are you now?

Saturday TV with Dad

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By the sixth - Dizz, Falstaff buzzed - Croons - The Wabash Cannonball

Streets of Gold

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I was beyond broke.

Spare Me the Details.

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"Let's talk turkey."

from Abel, to a reproachful correspondent

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when you betrayed the vain ambition of my death,/I did not complain.

Who Is Gilbert Blythe?

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I didn’t know you don’t give a girl money—I was only twelve.

Mama Blues

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the stars might be the audience or they might not be if the beat sits right next to me and hugs me nasty


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strange daysi'm having lunch with the babyand we're talking about people-watchingand old souls and coffee and twizzlersit's a weird conversation but she's my babyso something about some apple not falling far from the treewould best fit in herebut anywayi feel like i'm…


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All theft in proportion to the extant gold. When scenery is property and time is a straight edge; when the clouds are billowed and still; when one sees a tinfoil ocean and perspective to the east; when the static waves begin to move; when an immobile sky rustles and…

Butterflies and Fresh Paint

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For PearlSo radiantly a threat to themare you, so radiantly a threatyou present, my dear, but between usthere is still that unspoken pact; justone more song, please. So radiantlyyou fill their cups with the beauty ofleaves and grapes. So radiantly yoursmall reassuring smile…


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Warm, mossy, smelly, secure nest. Motherbird sits in its worn hollow, wing by wing with her nestling. “Time to fly,” she says with a peck. He begs, nudges her plumage. “Tututut, your wings are…

Still Mo Bands

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Cliffhanger Notes Sexpot Bunched Panties Cereal Killer Hello Kitty Litter Canoodle Named Anonymous Clock The Lizard of Oz Luke Warm and the Cold Zippers Megaschnauzer Truffle-Snuffers Pork-Pie Hats Helium Chipmunks Tender Is

The coffee shops are crumbling

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Isis and Artemis are going hunting with their hunting dogs

Custard and Blancmange

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Who here of us has not yet caught Advanced to leaden fife, The answer to our waiting What, That answered, “Such is life?” I saw a jelly man go past, Who wobbled in his strife And cried, “No stiffness that won't last …


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Explanation within


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She's the one you remember when there's talk of the blow.

Museo Libo

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He'd tend the door himself in high lace up boots, orange rhinestone hot pants, a tight black t-shirt, and black boa with orange swirl.

Napomo 17: April 1-6

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April spit its greeting, toe to head.

Welcome to the Dark Walls

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“No one ever notices everything: but sometimes it happens, when no one is noticing everything, everyone misses the same thing in the same moment . . ."

Against Sentimentality

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Nobody noticed, particularly.


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We gig, we perform, we laugh, we cry, we play our guitars, bass, drums, voice.