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Edward Ogle the Ninth

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Vanilla bean trampoline

Moriarty lets her hair down

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He did not hear her enter the room...

A city in the forties

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Along the hollow center


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I imagine you in the States, pushing stacks of work papers and our memories to the side, sense your enjoyment that you won’t see the worry of your behavior reflected in my eyes again. That you can buy and bang and be whomever you want,

A Ghost Is Born

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Zen Yoga Mind Over Body Food Prep Hair Net

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See the hair Know the hair Remove the hair

Scratching into January, 2017

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Follow the money. It seeks/ the lowest of the low and finds them here/ in an embarrassing abundance.

Exchange Student

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Sometimes he could feel so small he believed he could fit through the eye of a needle.

Descent on Six Wheels

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The memory of Gerald had become far preferable.

Road Trip

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I threw my hand / at the gearshift/ the car glided off.


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this is where we end -- the exorbitant eye of forgotten days.


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the cue & flash


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“I don't want to talk about this right now.” “Oh you don't want to…

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.7 - c.1

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The Circle of Four looked at the little girl’s back, and they could almost see the wings, but it could never take shape because of her heart.

Of Cameramen and Death Squads in Tbilisi

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we share somewhat the same past he was bureau chief of ABC overseas

The Committee

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We are prisoners of anticipation.


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The piss monster looks for clues of its childhood in the stains it leaves behind on the furniture.

Another "Accidental" Tryst

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She smacked his back a couple of times with the flat of her hand

Stop! In the Name of Limp.

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I find myself riding in the back of a big, sleek limo — like the one me and Francis and Charlie took to prom senior year.

Stars and Smiles

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Older than a star I am

What It Took To Be God

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They borrowed birds from the trees And forced me to sing along with them You could say they made my heart burn But we all know some of that was fake It was a direct route From sleep walking To sleep shopping To this I guess I lived a


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bullets in flight make sharp, snapping noises.

A One-eyed Polar Bear Tap-dancing On A Polaroid Of Satan Dressed As Gandhi

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On the Rocks

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What matters these to all, below the crest, If privilege of mind-blankness is the bay's? Remembrance breeds yet no fathoms of its rest, As plumb the circuit lulled at each rephrase Of capture, each and over, one lone jetty Marching only far as…

Small Snow Haiku.

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A small snow.

the cold the day left

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in our teens as tough as the cold/we wore denim and flannel with our boots/kicking at whichever wind blew . . .

Praying in bed

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When I was a kid, I was terrified of dying in a bombing, which is strange, really, because I lived in Long Island, which has relatively few bombings to speak of.

The Boot

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my crotch-heavy press of 'Yes.'

Battle of the Planets, Part V

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In Your Eyes

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With all that's going on in the world I thought perhaps we could all use a little love poem: It doesn't have to be force grown betweenus. We entwine naturally. It's agood feeling to have a friend who at oncedoesn't require a hothouse ceiling laidbetween each invisible…