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Last Night I Pretended You Were Dead (Valentine's Day Massacre)

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I continued to watch you sleep and then I pretended your body was dead. I imagined you weren't breathing at all; that you would never breathe again. These are the kinds of thoughts that make people cry, I said.

Early (Valentine's Day Challenge)

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Beside her door there was a black squirrel in the dogwood she saw scratched his armpit.

Chemistry (Valentine's Day Massacre)

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Whenever we’re carressin’, I find you quite engrossin’, I’m filled with vasopressin endorphins and oxytocin.

Lizard (Valentine's Day Massacre)

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I travel over your body with small feet, reach your heart.

Losing (Valentine's Day Massacre Poem)

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Paid and laid, they leave.

Energy (Valentine's Day Massacre)

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The whole story is in her eyes, if only anyone would look. Her eyes are cork, light and waterless, the life drained from them as surely as the sun pulls moisture from a dropped leaf. She saves herself for the child, her daughter, who makes pictures for her with crayons and…

The Love Koan (Valentine's Day Massacre)

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The science of magnetism, the science of light. Sound traveling through wires, the electricity of our hearts, the gasses given off as bread bakes, the gasses from cakes. A likeness, or a person she resembles. Time that passes quickly, and time frozen.

Your Mystery

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I took it in my hands and used it on my lips. The taste was just hers: her touch, her smell, her breath in the winter nights. She was in this. Everything we had was in this tube.

The Space Between Words (Valentines Day)

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Looking for meaning in spaces between words.

A Scoundrel Responds to His Critics

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Silk loves a curve, as do I

and then I will ask you if it is beautiful.

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my love is not unlike a pile of trash

Valentine query

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Did I flirt first?

My Smelly Valentine

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He asked me if I was going to buy Valentine's for the office this year, and I shook my head. We were in the dollar store, February 13, and I could get a box of twenty kids' Valentines with last year's favourite cartoon…

Love and Beauty

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....the magic things, potions to keep away the dark.

Owed to the IRS

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Sleep is a steep comfort these stock-still nights - the ceiling an artexed breadth of angst, the blue power light of the laptop in the corner exhorting me to turn it on