The Love Koan (Valentine's Day Massacre)

by John Minichillo

Love on Wednesday, blue moon new.  Picasso painted Degas' dancers, maypole twirled lovingly.  Amo animus amus.  Heterogynous optimus.  Love whispered, love kissed, caressed.   Lovers try words like smocks spoken, sneakers of grown-ups over little kid shoes.  Altar white wearing, stripped ornately, sparingly adorned, sunny yellow accents, lifted lovers loving.

Mocking bird sweet potato pancake.  Sour cream smothered love, squash soup.  Valentino Philistine April June Springtime intimate.  Por avec vellum veritas poisonberry.  Worth risking for the ripe juice and baby face bitter.  Inuit words, 27 Chinese characters, three expert calligraphers adept at the 44 brushstrokes of love.  Writing on your back, writing backwards, mirror writing, and writing on your front.  A dictionary definition and thesaurusy-listed descriptions.  Moods and feelings.  Nectars and spells. 

Love on a Tuesday.  Lovebird puppies nestling.  Bright beetle bugs, buttons, bashful boys.  Semitransparent demi-revealing mid-thigh sheer-stockinged red temptress desire.  A pebbled path.   A mossy underbrush. A cradling limb.  A creek.  

Monday in the workweek.  Absolutely not-in-a-million-years last-man-on-earth dead leaf pile smoking love.   Friday and payday.   The worst motherloving headache.  A tincture and a cure.  A fizzydrink potion. 

All sundaes covered in crushed walnuts.   Schnauzer pug Labrador love.  Dog daddy face-licking love.  An irrepressible irresistable irreligious unambiguous unpretentious unkind unfaltering unabated urgent love.   A scheduled, timetabled, holidayed, measured love.

A Portuguese word approximating pre-ads.  A hieroglyph from the crumbling chapel.   A bedtime without sleep.  A brasserie on Sunday where no one has bathed, no one prayed.  An itchy feeling of localized contagion.  A brain hemorrhage squirreling as thoughts won't hold still.  Pop-culture characters surrendering life for love.  An idiomatic expression for the seat of love.  A series of Greek letters arranged to mean one kind of love and rearranged for another.  A Czek phrase for love beyond reason.  A rhyming poem for an intended.  A recipe for love.  A Sanskrit saying assumed to be true.  A painting with a Russian accent.  A trope.  A singer practicing in Italian.  A tomato-based fish stew only served in season.  A night alone together, sleeping.  A night apart and awake.  The science of magnetism, the science of light.  Sound traveling through wires, the electricity of our hearts, the gasses given off as bread bakes, the gasses from cakes.  A likeness, or a person she resembles.  Time that passes quickly, and time frozen.  Seasoned lovers, green lovers, and lovers knowing every combination.  A word for a feeling that art gives.  A word for seeing clearly.  A word for happiness and confusion.

Everybody on board.  All hands.  On again / off again.  Purply and swole.  Abstract and pointy.  Unbuttoned, unbeetled, unbouyed, unboyed.  Not unpleasurable, not unsentimental, not drunk, not unhappy.  Reproductive fitness on hold for a short long time, organ cells tricked by contraceptativery.  Rinse and repeat.  A very Thursday kind of time.  In the morning.  In the afternoon.

In the mouth.  Tasting bumpy strawberry and peachy fuzz fruit.   Chocolate vanilla banana cream frosting whipped.  A meaty well-prepared thick-crusted molasses pie.  A cold leftover.   Flat sugar sassafras, grease fries ketchup and side-mayonnaise, side-pickle.  Hands across America tug-o-war.

Side-by-side.  Where love resides.   In my top.  In my toes.  Big toes and little toes.  Tiny toes and miniatures.   Where love goes.  And also comes.