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From New Sketches In Gravitas

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"Just once." he had said. "Yes." her head...he knew he could have gotten in there. After all, she had cried. That was the easy kind.

In The Digging

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In the digging he lived... for a bit. His holes were wide, and he never stopped making them.

The Faceless Girl Tells Stories

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spreading gilded pages with a tlickt

The Right Words

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When you purchased this stone-backed cottage with its iron-flanked façade and ten untidy acres fronting an abandoned trail, you knew you’d buy a horse. It had been a dream of yours as far back as childhood.

The Man Who Lives In My Shower

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There is a man who lives in my shower. He was here when I moved into my apartment three months ago, so I didn’t have much choice in the matter.

Gershwin’s Second Prelude

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While Kate practiced the piano in the tiny third-floor apartment, Wiley cooked dinner, jogging in place in front of the stove.

Highway Robbery

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I knew her face but not her hair, at least not the right way up.

(6) Compatriots

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"It was here where he’d first seen the girl—Nan. Slender, with brown hair, pale skin, sitting on a bench, and reading from a pile of papers on her lap."

MonSooner or Later, Five Pieces

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Keys to My Karma His hand rests lightly on your hip and you forget your name, not his. You brush his cheekbone where a gnat tickles his skin. Jealous?

The Little Things

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Incredibly he began to picture in his mind a scene not related at all to his frenzied search but of a huge plate of apple pie a la mode with the vanilla ice cream melting in streams like cool lava down the side of the pie and off of the plate.

You're A Bad Dad: The Story Of Juniper Mélange

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Juniper Mélange was a cat person, not a dog person. Truly detested when she perceived falseness in another person. She wore glasses and drank tea. Had dark straight hair and light skin. She dressed conservatively and would watch the sky most days. She wou

The Slingback Soldier

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I knew I shouldn't have joined up!, but they made it all look so glamorous in the posters. That mustachioed man in uniform,…. it was as if he was pointing right at me,his eye's piercin me soul….. made me feel ever so special… ‘Adventure!, Excitement!, and a…

The Sweet Spot - Chapter Six What I Found

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Most of the paperwork was junk mail and outdated bills. I was looking for some type of life insurance policy, the title to his car, a notification from Ed McMahon, something of value. And then I found it.

Chapter 7 - The Target

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Two things had converged to cement my place as the face of all that was unholy in the world that they ran: I had dared to wear pantyhose with shorts in Junior High School, and Suzette had given Rebecca's boyfriend a blow job in tenth grade.

The Story Thief

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"Yes, a theft of the story storehouse! Where do you keep them? We'll catch the thief and restore to you your tales."