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Crazy Broad

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There's something about this whole person that's awry but she can't put her finger on it; and at this stage she's not sure that she really gives a damn what happens to her. She really doesn't; she can't get the point of herself straight. She feels numb,


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I did not know it was you at first. You tricked me in your feathered form, a fine white tuxedo and black tie, your dark shoes polished to shine on Mars. You were a god to me but I still didn't recognize you at the lake. You floated out of the dark, froth

Bottle, man

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“Hey man,” this shadow shimmied up beside Brett heaving ether breath. Brett saw but he didn’t see him in the way you see movement in the corner of your vision, an annoyance, an eyelash in the eye. He didn’t want to turn to engage this man, he didn

Gansevoort Ridge

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Raymond Hunter killed a man in Mexico. It was long ago—before Commander Zero took up arms in Chiapas. Before the Shah had been run off the Peacock Throne. Before even the young Hearst heiress had been retired for good and all from the tabloids. And it t


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you look like the insides of my cheeks chewed.

Without Consent

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You never thought you were capable of rape.

The Lucky Children

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He was in my bed in the morning. Not difficult.

A Rough Dance

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A young woman is seated center stage. She is pretty, dressed in a short nightgown. She sits nervously, her body tense and expectant.

grooming wolves, indigestible girls

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In all the nights before I became a woman, a beast lay at my feet, pursuing some aspect of my flesh, his furred back reeking of fires and stagnant pools.

A poem I woke up with, 'Purgo'

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Take the shower

See No…, Hear No…, Speak No…,

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“People are staring at us,” Cat said softly into Marcel’s ear. “We look like an interesting couple,” Marcel replied. “Of course people want to look at us.” Cat nibbled on that thought for a while. New York City is the kind of place where people ra

Forgiveness In Strokes

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He sat on the seat furthest away and could not look me in the eye. Nor could he even glance in my general direction. He put one leg over the other and tried to speak. He shifted his weight. He crossed his arms across his board chest. He…

Campbell & Evans

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He laughed – pictures traveled across his mind of bodies and mouths and the sex and the liquor, he could taste the flesh and the alcohol right then, strong, immediate.


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i try/to get/up but you prove/your strength.

No More

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Dawn is a grey mass, what is left of the night's chill slips between my t-shirt and belly skin. Somewhere else you once wrote that being loved when you don't love in return equals rape.