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The Guy by Isaac Boone Davis

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The Guy You get drunk at the party and tell everybody about the time you were raped. Half of it's bullshit. Alcohol is doing that to you…

Black Eyes, Blue Tears, and Dark Thoughts

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At five a family relative took my life away from me and no one cared

Again and again, until what emerges

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I’m going to tell you what we found: / the sick black smudges, their signatures / on our kitchen wall, the half-crushed shells / of aluminum cans clustered like rock oysters

The Secret

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He was the oldest person attending the wedding and the reception.

Darcy Eastland

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To him the younger women, contemporaries of the bride, all sounded as if they were breathing helium.

A Little Piece of Humanity

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It wasn't meant to happen like this— the shutter, the feeling of breathlessness when he touched her shoulder, even after he had pointed out all of the things she had done incorrectly throughout the day. They had been married for five years in February, and as…

For Brock Turner

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I’ll contribute to a fund/ that pays the ordinary prison folk// you’ll spend too few nights with

Consent In The Age Of Kevin Spacey

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"I didn't ask you to unhook my bra." her words were blunt and bitter in blue and white iMessaging font. A gap of an hour went by and he grappled with what to say next. "I'm sorry." was all he finally came up with. "I thought you wanted me to. You


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There are things we must not say.