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(7) Plus and Minus

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"Her actions in the city seemed invariably designed to destroy that person, which she’d worked so hard all her life to become."

The Juniper Days - Part I

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She stepped into the spotlight like a butterfly released from its cocoon. Her dyed hair burnt like a flame, her eyes remained theatrically downcast as the music built to its crescendo. I knew something memorable was imminent.

Scene From a Cappuccino Bar

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Ahoy! There’s the little nipper now... The high seas is no place for a youngster, or even an artiste like yourself.

Reflections Over Jalpeños

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It seemed like only yesterday that she was making sure to remember bottles for Hunter and now he was eating regular adult food, and they were looking into tutors for next year, and Hunter was nearly four. Her runty Hunty umpkins was going to be four.


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Her mouth was sour; her forehead was still damp with perspiration. She leaned against the bathroom wall and noted her complexion had gone pale. She wanted to slide down the wall and rest until she felt steadier, but…


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Because his mother is Catholic and he may be, too, subliminally.


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Wolfman Jack growled his gravel.


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You make all the lists.


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The new refrigerator was nice enough: stainless steel, with a bottom freezer, a crisper, and dispensers for filtered water and for ice. It complimented the stainless steel stove that the previous owners had put in before filing for divorce and leaving t

The Mistakes

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An aging civilization has been under a spell for five thousand years.

Favorite Child

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It was in the early sixties when my mother discovered she was my father’s second wife. Four years before, they were married quickly, by a justice of the peace, because his transfer to the States had come through. He’d charmed her with his dark chocolate e

So Comes Love

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Her students read their work aloud in class, haltingly, sometimes proudly, and their willingness amazed Miriam. They were immigrants and retirees, carpenters, security guards, Indian nannies, Iranian escapees. She loved their odd word choices, the lack of editorial impulse.…

They Will Tear You Apart

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I stared at the Clockwork Orange poster and thought about the knife that Alex held. I imagined it being used to cut out the thing that might be inside her. That’s all I saw whenever I looked anywhere. Things that related to our catastrophe.

In This One The Dog Lives

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The first time I heard Bear howl was during a windstorm, when the winds off the Columbia River raced through the gorge to our small Oregon town, whistled down the backbone of the neighborhood, taking power, fences and saplings with it, discouraging newcom

Social Medicine

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Her Facebook profile was bursting with persistent prenatal posturing. She adored the adoration. And now Mrs. Davison’s pregnancy was almost over. This was her big, overblown, look-at-me-everyone, mind boggling finish!