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Children of God

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The unicorn sat next to God


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we wipe the blood of our progress from our hands.

The Burning Gulf

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None of us ever thought this would happen.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

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“They’re Rocky Mountain Oysters,” the blond said. “Fresh. You’ll absolutely love them Jim.”

Oil and Water

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Not a god damned word was uttered about how they mixed oil and water

Oil and Water

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They knew it was there and didn't say a god damned thing.

The Perfect Recipe

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You treat them like I’m hungry. Fix it.

The Impasse

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Kuwait, Valdez--I’ve done my time.

Leak Soup

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with an hour for lunch (potato leek soup, crackers, and sweat tea) and twenty minute breaks in between

Deepwater Horizon

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It’s important we be good citizens and follow the law.

Third Time's the Charm

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No jobs except drinking...

Driving in Jeddah

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In suburban Jeddah magnificent houses on every corner of the avenues are surrounded by high walls rising up from just inside the roadside curb to much beyond taller than a man.

Great Rift Valley

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she shivered in the ceasefire like a virginal nude brought to life.

The Passing of a Hero

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"...and time came hurtling behind him, gripped his shoulder/ jumped clean over him like a buck goat/ the world aged but he did not/ he spent his afternoons in an old car with fake leather seats/ drank cold beer under the olive trees/ or lay in a hammock/