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    Dzanc Books, 2011.
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    Henning Koch – Mar 31, 2012

    Just thought I would tell people that I have written a novella called "The Bones" which is being serialized in 9 installments on David Abram's blogspot "The Quivering Pen".
    Shares also very much appreciated!!

    Henning Koch – Jul 17, 2011

    Hi Marcus, hi Robert, hi Darryl, sorry this took a bit of time... and thanks for friendly comments. I'll be posting soon, I expect...

    Darryl Price – Apr 02, 2011

    Great to have you with us! Welcome.

    Marcus Speh – Apr 01, 2011

    ... and i forgot, there is a group of non-native writers who write english that i founded with dorothee lang & nora nadjarian as <a href="http://fictionaut.com/users/finnegan-flawnt">finnegan flawnt</a> a while back...- it's called <a href="http://fictionaut.com/groups/second-tongue">second tongue</a>.

    Marcus Speh – Apr 01, 2011

    henning, <a href="http://kaffeinkatmandu.com">kaffe in katmandu</a> also has got a <a href="http://www.fictionaut.com/groups/kaffe-in-katmandu">group here at fictionaut</a>.

    Marcus Speh – Apr 01, 2011

    welcome, henning - looking forward to reading your work at fictionaut. as robert said - wonderful interview.

    Robert Vaughan – Mar 31, 2011

    Welcome to Fictionaut! I loved your interview with Jen Michalski at Nervous Breakdown recently. (She is my "boss" at JMWW magazine!) Enjoy this site!

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