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There was no bitterness, no horrible parting of ways.

The Meeting on Le Loi Street

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She is jaded but waves brightly and gives an automaton smile.

NOVEL EXCERPT: Jimmy Gollihue

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Jimmy Gollihue awoke to the howling of a bloodhound, a long voice from up the mountain, and the baying of the dog pulled a keening lament from his dream of the highway.

Novel Excerpt - Full Chapter of Jimmy!

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Jimmy Gollihue awoke to the howling of a bloodhound ...

A Bear Hunt in Riga

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A Russian bear has trapped a full-grown Texan and absconded with him to his Baltic den, and we don’t know why. But we are hunting him, hunting them both. The Russian and the Texan.

Listening to amazing people talk about themselves...

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He was the best of both worlds in a single gender. He simplified her complicated life.

Sullen Months, Möbius Strips

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It was all too absurd for me to even feel compassion for him, as I think now I maybe should have.

Shasta's Document

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Diamonds weigh me down. Back in the mud awaiting a new mouth. Who will feel me now?

Salmon of Wisdom (novel excerpt, Jimmy Gollihue)

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Honey, you eat this salmon, now

Ninja Type Person

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Steve looked at the crotch for a few seconds longer than appropriate

Sweat, Tears, Saliva

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When Mr. Gregor pulled me by the arm, Lo pounced on him. Knocking Mr. Gregor to the ground with one shove. He then rammed his fist into the young teacher’s face, breaking his glasses, making blood ooze from his thin nose.

The Accidental Arsonist

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Henry yells at her when she lights cigarettes and candles. But this is her small secret ritual, her way of making good with the god she is no longer sure she believes in...

Loki's Gambit

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Have you ever had a dream that you were falling? I know, right? It sucks, makes you think you're about to die. Your internal organs on the move—stomach pressing heart, intestines where you liver ought to be--you feel like sausage in…


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The steady sound of shoveling for the past three hours would have woken her, should have made her come to the window...

March 3, 1954

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Brief novel excerpt... really short... honest. Don't be shy.