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I will be gone

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Two men walking in a field. One is taken, the other is not.

Santo Preso

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In 1952 when a bomb went off, two Americans were killed in their official automobile, a large Ford sedan with Yanqui flags on little rods above the wheel wells on both sides of the hood.

An edge

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A drama. Teeth on the throat.

Cole Porter Song Parody

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A brief novel excerpt featuring two characters breaking out in song, with lines like 'Arabian knights dance sheikh to sheikh.'

Slawkowska Street

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But soon I am breathless, sputtering near fatal gulps of sea water.

Assia, Sylvia, Ted

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Horrified, I confess.

Bagman (Tentative title)

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Chapter 1 She was a captive audience in a bright yellow sundress, tied to a kitchen chair, hands bound together behind the backrest, ankles tied to the chrome steel legs, all wrapped up with pliant braided rope he'd brought with him. He'd brought…

Midnight, 1952

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Eyes like Fred Astaire, she thought, unremarkable, but nice. Turned from day to night when he smiled, those eyes. What a devil's smile, this man has. She stood behind him, watched his fingers move across the keyboard, thought, His…

The Cougar

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How freeing to writhe under someone with more muscles than fat, who could keep it up longer than minute, who afterwards stroked my hair and if he noticed the fine silver strands by my ears didn’t mention them. I forget his name...

Qalb elouz

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The sweetness turns your tongue inside out, and the texture of the cake on your inside-out tongue makes you feel all at once like you're in love, and like you're a child again.

Topanga Beach

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The Manson Family encounters Up With People at a 1968 L.A. beach party in this campy chapter from a rock novel in progress.

Echolocation Signals

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I was thinking about the pair of elephants we spotted along the roadside the previous afternoon.


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...he thought often of the rollicking waves, of being pulled under, of being weightless and senseless...


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Forgive me, I was mistaken.


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I will say Krakow forever, and I will say it like a mantra.