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The balcony is covered in a sea of rain-drench flowers.

Mangosteen in the Afternoon

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The woman who shamelessly wields the knife, he says, wins.

The Death of Mothers

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The deaths of mothers, he speaks of his, the Russian does. I do not speak of mine. I do not tell him that what exist of her now are pictures. I do not speak of the fact that I never knew my father. There were only rumors of him—a local doctor long dead with a…

The Deaths of Mothers

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She arrives in town wearing blue jeans and African jewelry.


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“Yeah. Even different cities have different kinds of guys you call bagmen. You could say, ‘Willie’s a bagman in Detroit.’ Means one thing. Say, ‘Hymie’s a bagman in Cleveland?’ Means something else entirely.”

Dear V--

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The Russian is in Paris with his children.

La Principessa

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My sister was trying to play out every weird love story she’d ever seen in French cinema.


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It is rich; it grows richer with time.

Out-take I

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He held her close; felt the warmth of her skin against his own and the slow cooling of his blood. He whispered quietly, “This is wrong.” “Are you sorry you did it?” She was afraid of regret, did not want his regret. …


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We wade through the season which transforms people into fish.

Madeline the Admired

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Madeline, who studied art history at the Sorbonne, Madeline who wore her black hair in a fringe...

Carla Bruni Smile

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My sister was trying to play out every weird love story she’d ever seen in French cinema.


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She kissed him hard on the mouth. She kissed him with such force that blood ran from his lips.

Anders: A Brief History

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He was conceived out of wedlock in 1952 to a woman named Gretchen who owned a grocery store in Kalispell.


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We burned and sweat in the humidity of sundry evenings.