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The Sweet Spot - Chapter Six What I Found

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Most of the paperwork was junk mail and outdated bills. I was looking for some type of life insurance policy, the title to his car, a notification from Ed McMahon, something of value. And then I found it.

Chapter 7 - The Target

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Two things had converged to cement my place as the face of all that was unholy in the world that they ran: I had dared to wear pantyhose with shorts in Junior High School, and Suzette had given Rebecca's boyfriend a blow job in tenth grade.

Chapter 8 - Suzette's job

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Behind me, I heard the whispers, the accusations, and the story. There had been a blow job. Suzette was involved. And I was the face of all that whoredom that our family now represented.

Boy Meets Girl

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Even people who love you feel more comfortable when you don’t stray too far from the box they put you in.

Lang's Dragon

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Fritz Lang. Even before I ever met the miserable son of a bitch, with his monocle and superior airs, I hated him. In person, he was an insufferable asshole.

They Laugh When You Cry - II

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Tattoos of viper skulls shone on the men’s faces. Viper neck bones glistened on their cheeks, viper tongues flicked blood in the shape of tears and crying eyes, in the shape of crosses.

Interrogation? No, more like a kind of fishing, really...

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“Jesus, there must be three, four sharks out there.”

What is truth?

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McCarthy shook his head, frowned, thought to himself, Pontius Pilate stood in front of Jesus Christ himself and said, “What is truth?” Never got an answer, did he. Not a word.

excerpt from The Heart Cafe: A Novel

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She wasn’t the woman he knew as his mother. She wasn’t anyone, just a body, and barely that. When had it happened? One crystal moment while she was sleeping? Or while a hospice nurse was lifting her from the toilet and into the chair in the shower?

The Adventures of Tequila Kitty: Chapter One - by Christopher Chik

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That’s how I’d met him really: drinking games. We’d both been at the local watering hole, challenging the other patrons to drunken games of chance and making a clean sweep of it. A few guys figured themselves for alpha dogs had Teqs cornered after he’d ta

Prologue - On the Lips of Children

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Their tongues were dry, her milk was gone, and the last bit of water in the plastic jug had evaporated.

The Nice Guy

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So much of everything isn't the way I'd do it at all. I wouldn't do myself the way I've been done. Nope, the way I'm turning out is not the way I planned, definitely. I'm turning out to be a limp middle class day-after-day type of guy ... I go to work, I

The Full Car: A California Saga (1968)

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—They turned him into a time bomb. Listen close, and you can hear the tick-tick-tick. —All I hear is snoring. How do you know he was brainwashed? —Because he can’t remember a thing about the experiment. —I can say this: If he can’t remember anyth

George Burnett's Secret

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He roared back at her, shaking his empty gun in his right hand, waving his left hand in the air. “I am George Burnett, esquire, late of Balliol College, Oxford! I am a hunter, a killer of pigs! I do not fear you, bear; take the pig and be content!”

A Catalogue of Ways to Die at Sea

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Quimby’s eyes lit up. “Oh, lads, there must be a thousan’ ways to die at sea! I’ve made th’ Atlantic passage a good many time; lemme recount some manners of death I’ve witnessed with mine own eyes.”