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My Infection: (Chapter 1 of Milk-Blood)

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“Because the day I fucked you I caught an infection and now I have it for life.”

The Silver Lady

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Trapped inside a seashell, almost pickled and eaten for dinner—could my life become any more bizarre?

Diving Is the Only Thing That Helps

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“Best bet for that is the balloon shop by the swamp.”

Prologue (excerpt from a novel)

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The clip-clopping of footsteps now echoes from the opposite end of the alleyway, and as you turn to face the figure who appears behind you, the figure wearing a fierce Noh-drama mask, you determine that this time you will enlist its aid in decoding this r

Emotional Gentrification - excerpt Single Stroke Seven

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Sunday, Nolan and I drop by the ice rink on 10th and Alma to watch the amateur hockey leagues battle it out in an unspoken yet assumed class war: the buff, unemployed rink bums who can grind ice, cross-check, and stick handle like the pros, versus the dou