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Madeleines, which he hadn’t touched in twelve years, had a place in all this, were accessories in his daughter’s violation.

Albert's Mother

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The stern tone of the chairwoman made him miss his mother, the snap of her accusations, the sting of her belt on the backs of his legs.

Fragment of an Early Novel of the 21st Century

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But, as his mind twisted like a square peg beating a hole into a round mallet, he sensed it had something to do with penguins. Not that he knew anything about penguins, at that point in time. That would come later, in his days, after this history, where h


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I was afraid of needles and ponds of water and I was transfixed by both.


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The gun sits quietly in the woman's handbag.

A Few Good House Calls

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Count the corners where one turns from Artist to pragmatist, and there – within that mist, is a slain ghost waving its fists as all the single dead cells past adolescence.

Miracle Bra for my behind

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Do you want an ass mi Nina Bonita? I buy you jeans that work like a Miracle Bra for your behind.

Powdered Sugar on Bare Skin

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I arrived at 2:00 a.m. California time, taking the red-eye flight from Chicago to save on money. I had to take a cab all the way out to my son's so-called "trailer park" in the high desert country outside of Riverside because my son Harris had already lef

He is Seventeen

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What we all know and do not say is that it is not about the physical pain she endured so much as it is the fear she must have felt for the child she was leaving behind.

A memory of worms

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Seph loved to scare her mother in the garden by picking up a worm with the tines of her gardening fork and chasing her with it, the dirty-pink body twisting on the end. Dee would scream a little, always eyes on the worm, and run slowly, as if…

What Memory Holds

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There's this sepia-toned photograph, which my mother gave me, of my brother and me when we were still both youngsters. In the picture my brother's dressed in a skimpy checked suit whose sleeves were already too short for him — on its way to becoming my

Almost There

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...children live in the moment like no one else. Which is a good lesson for us all, especially when crossing an ocean. Because out here you are alone with the rhythm of your thoughts and the ghosts of your past.

Head Between Knees and Back

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...we congregate, a flock of mothers waiting for our babies to nestle beneath our chins...

Zom Prom Mom

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We fucked in the backseat like the verse of a b-side, and that was enough to make him think my boys were half of his body.

This Is Why

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Look at this castle: fashioned from the sturdiest sand, pages of my name