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The Snowman on the Moon

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'Tis a cruel season. I have nothing and no means to order anything. Nobody to shop for and nobody to buy things for me. But the catalogues keep coming. And these catalogues don't bring out the best in me. The catalogues switch on what I call my want switc

The Distance Between You

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It wasn't that I couldn’t imagine it. Rather, I could almost conjure the choreography to mind. One of his hands would graze at the side of my face. One finger would extend and stroke me, from my temples to my chin. He would press my body against something

THE MOON, THE SUN, AND RYAN W. BRADLEY (not quite a fortune-telling)

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“That’s just Ryan W. Bradley—son of a bitch knows better by now.”

The Feast

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With nothing to give, We sat in your monk-spare room. The moon rode the window, The table was laid with plaid; You fed me beer, old bread and The fruit of possibility. We were completely naked, aroused, Afraid and glad.

Love In the Warzones of the Wild

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ignored a long time at everydoor on every door, hang a little sign ‘you won’t keep me out forever’

The Thief

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I said, kiss this.


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Once or four times, I have sat with the future. It is the large number of dolphins stranded in Cape Cod these last two months. It rides the public bus and carries a cane made from a tree limb and a chunk of quartz. It is purifying itself in…

the moon

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“Excuse me sir?” “Yes, how can I help you officer?” “Can I see your permit for this ladder?” “No disrespect officer, but...there are no permits for ladders.” “License and photo registration please.” …

moon soon sun

367367 views33 comments00 favs thatevening comes.stretching across alleywaysand four lane streetsblanketing the troubles of you and mequieting the rustle of tree leaves into first position,stilllike that evening comes.and soon the moonarches high to a place we cannot reachthe sky is blinking…

I've Bought You A Present

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Look out your window and know that the universe conspired to craft the sunrise for your morning tea, the mug clasped in hand, the light bouncing from the balcony railing. The empty seat next to you will always be filled and I will never properly thank y

Into The Night

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Under a conspiratorial moon… the shovel my silent partner… organ-less torso to the worms.


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Watch the moon hang with methough miles and miles apart.Over sea and rock and railwaysforever in my heart.

middle of the night

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Then the moon cried real white tears.

Moon Boy's Love

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Moon Boy sits atop the hill's crest and watches Moon Girl.

Orbital Mechanics

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Another abandoned comsat falls/ in a fiery arc that no one notices.