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MoonEarth Collision: A Disaster Short Story

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Full MoonWhen the Vice President is informed of the impending apocalypse, the Renaissance man turned politician recalls a verse: The moon her magic be, big sad face of infinity. A former academic and University Chancellor, Vice President Jamison has…


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Erased. Like chalk across my body, a fine powder of forgetfulness, with a few swipes --- all those names and faces, gone. The letters burned.

After the Hoopla

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It is imperfect,/ eroded by the optics// of light, space/ and orbital mechanics.

The Dead in Paris, Complete

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Did we get Jihadi John?/ And the highway to Mosul?// What’s the score?

The Minotaur

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I have tried to sew my eyes shut, and not see, but vision is the constant dog, looking up to be stroked.


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A cataract moon cloaked in its charcoal fog slowly seeps among the trees; its glance is constant and white,its arc known. I watch its brow of bone with constant wonder.The long slow funeral of America is taking its time; its pallbearers' hands strain…

During the Interim

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Nothing changes; the moon arcs its mindful lemon eye. . .

A Small Life in Slices

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It’s Sunday- no need to shave-/ but shave, I do. A little act// of discipline in the discipline/ of routine.

The Hunger of the Waxing Moon

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I took advantage of a free period this afternoon to nap. When I awoke, I tasted blood. My tongue was swollen. I checked myself in the mirror and saw twin punctures on my lower lip with pinpricks of blood on each. I winked at my reflection and lifted my li

Seven Haiku for Sad and Scary Times

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The Cheshire grinning/ moon cups itself to capture/ Venus should she fall.


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The moon, a blonde eye,comes forward, smiles once. She backs away, shy.

In Real Time

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We are the same shits/ we were in the Bronze Age


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The universe is churn-

Getting over the man in the moon

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First have a good window seat


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The monkey did not live for long. He’d lost interest in the stuffed dog pretty much right away. The farther away the shuttle, the more garbled and fanciful the sign language the monkey had been taught became.