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Saw Her

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Just like that. He heard her words clearly from the top floor of the five story apartment building. The unexpected change in weather made it mandatory for him to open his window.

The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

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Moon-girl spins around & around drunk on her outrageous momentum as if she could make the world rotate on its own fables.

Undressing The Moon

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the white moon is dangling by a thread tonight you close your eyes and listen to it undress and suppress, suppress you listen to it undress while you yourself hang lifeless in your own arms not meaning to do yourself any harm, not

Thinly Sliced Raw Fish: 4 Micros

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Right there is where I lived when I was five. The walls were paper, I was afraid of the neighborhood kids, and my dad broke the tv during the World Series.


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Silent, so unbearably silent of voices. The dark sea gave us our only song, a light and flapping drum roll of waves and the crackling break of foam on the sand. Traipsing through forgotten sand sculptures we made our way down the beach, everything black and unseen. It was…

November Moon

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I could hear a lonely cricket searching for its mate in the tall grass. The cows, grunting, eased their way to the fence line, sucking the cool breeze. Part of the fence was blown sideways and the cows were forming a line to break through. I heard their c

Nobody Told Marni

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Marni never spoke first. And so, in love as she was, no-one dared question how or who when Marni's belly swelled and her cries circled a harvest moon... [304 words]

Dancing Moon, Dancing Men

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She only knew her daddy's soft smile and rough hands across her cheeks would help her sleep and dream of a world without such struggles.

New Moon

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circa the early 90s, Buzz Aldrin and my father had been invited to a dinner at someone's house on Bainbridge Island and gotten lost.

The Soft, Cool Blanket of Night

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wrap me in the soft, cool blanket of night. waning,the moon peers down at melike the heavy-lidded eye of some cyclops. and if I be lost like poor Odysseus,cloak me in the soft, warm wool of night. and if my eyes fail me like old Tiresias,stitch the cloth with…

Early Tuesday Morning

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The moon hung in the sky, round and pale, under cover of some wispy clouds.

Sisters At The Lake

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My sister says to me, “Put your finger there.” I look at my wrinkled finger and lick the tip. It tastes fresh. My sister says, “Put it there now.”

Still Life

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She was a moon dancer, keeper of secrets,

What We Had To Do

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The dismantled moon was not cold in our hands, but warm, smooth beneath its shell as baby flesh. The musk of its damp, stringy innards filled us with sorrow.

Around a Sun Named Inferno

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The stupid suit made me look like an angel, which I hated. I wasn't here to save anyone's soul, not that any of the native animal life HAD a soul. If I have a soul myself, it is most likely in need of salvation, and in no way should I be cast in the rol