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With Her Mouth Full

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He had short dark hair, a black shirt and an accent.

Green Animals

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Tough boys with loose pants come out at this hour; their long chains swing from low pockets, their virile scent bites like steel in the cold night.


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Two writers sat down for a meal, carefully avoiding any talk of their art.


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Ah the isolation! The affordability of such loneliness! It was glorious for a moment—those gelatinous creatures swarming around me, stinging every surface of my skinny frame but that's another story.


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"The worst was the maggots."

The Last VooDoo Doll

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So I lopped off his head and reworked the creation...


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Sometimes they bleat like sheep when I shave in the shower. They live in a complex social order.


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I got out of your car and walked up the brick path to my apartment complex. In the doorway, I turned and waved to you. You honked the horn, a quick beep beep, like a teasing wink, like a promise, and then you drove away.


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Whoever came up with the term kismet is an absolute moron. There isn't a single reason, or word, that can describe what exactly my brain has concocted in the face of him. No, kismet isn't what makes it happen. It's my own stupidity..

Pre-Dinner Conversation

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She willed herself to not stare at the shiny trail his finger left in the dust.

A Curse on First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross

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You see, this Jimmy Cross had a sweetheart by the name of Martha. And while he was thinking of her, one of his men died on the way to the latrine.

Men and Babies

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"Mama skipped the training bras and just gave me her old bras. I'll be 25 before I can wear her old bras..."


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Ladies, I don’t understand your world.


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how can I get you to admit anything when you will not talk of what men crave do you not know this have you not heard this was one of the first things a man ever told me about men

The Girls & Boys Club

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She says: Princessing is not a process. I have skirts to be lifted.