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flower boat

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When the box hit bottom, the rope snapped and the flowers scattered and the silver fish of the blue green darted and turned and shot off through the rain of pink.

How We Fight

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HORDES OF MEN desolated, struck down, destroyed, sunken form of skin and skeleton, bare cloth matted to torso, bodycage and hipbone, face and neck darkened, bloating to black, rain the endless dream stuck fast in the stone-dead skull and blood a fine sheen over all,…

The Einsteins Of Earthworms

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To you, a sir or a ma’am—how to die? Is the first question we must frame In each generation’s itch how to live?


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They leaned against the hood of his pickup, which sat heavy on its wheels, the back of it filled with the things that he’d held out of the yard sale three days earlier. “When’re you leaving?” she asked. “Early. Get on down the road. Shut ’er down ea

Madi's Love

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The depth of her love for Briana could only be heard on the 80’s ballads station fumbling from the stereo in Madi’s car, awkward, just like her smile.

Clay Women

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"... I knew Willie had gone— out the back door or out the side window. I knew he probably slipped over the fence behind my house into Lou C.’s backyard..."

In the Club

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If someone were to ask—nobody would—she'd say she came because for a moment today she hadn't been able to remember the color of her mother's eyes.

Estoppel's RSVP

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Ever say pretty Please to a prostitute?

My My My

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We met at a gay bar in Edinburgh whilst waiting for the same non-existent nymphomaniac to arrive...

A Little Fable

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"Alas," said the mouse, "the whole world is growing smaller every day."

Wool On The Bluestem

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Remembrance of their wool trousers still lingers on the bluestem. I walk their streets at night to watch the curtains for wind.

From Time To Infinity

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On some evenings, when I would sneak out of my room, I'd sit on the verandah and count the streetlights. I'd count the stars in the sky and trace the moon with the tip of my finger and consider how anyone could make it through the night when there were so

When To Break Up With Your Gynecologist

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He asked what I used for birth control and I told him, “prayer”. He smiled the kind of smile you smile at young girls who don’t know any better.

Snow White: The King

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I’ve never humiliated a woman in my life.

Man Cave / Jane Austen

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They ride horses through the living room ....